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How Digital Signage helps to ensure in-school safety

How Digital Signage helps to ensure in-school safety

Stephanie Robinson, Clevertouch Territory Sales Manager for Texas

To feel safe in school and to be safe in school, this is every child’s right and every school’s responsibility.

Schools should be welcoming environments that nurture carefree childhoods, develop curious young minds, foster the joy of discovery, and engender a life-long passion for learning.

However, the responsibility of a school does not stop at educating its students.  

They are also responsible for keeping them safe during the hours they are in attendance.  This includes providing a secure environment in which to learn, and in order to alleviate the fears of students, having recognizable procedures in place should a worst-case scenario occur. 

We take a look at how in-school Digital Signage can help to raise the alarm, provide clear instructions and calm the understandable panic that arises if the unthinkable becomes reality.

From classroom to corridor, cafeteria to sports field, digital signage powered by CleverMessage is the warning system that can instantly alert and inform across an entire campus. The consternation and confusion created by the traditional mix of wailing sirens and piercing alarms is replaced by messages of clarity and guidance, clearly and simply advising what everyone needs to do to get to safety. Deployed simultaneously to all digital signage displays in seconds, and controlled from anywhere with internet connectivity using a cell phone, CleverMessage’s one-click emergency messaging quickly alerts and precisely instructs the necessary actions, helping to both manage and control a crisis.

In the midst of highly stressful events, it’s common for peoples’ natural instincts to temporarily overwhelm their rational composure, risking the chaos of confused crowds that is the antithesis of safe crisis management. This can be mitigated through familiarity. If people have experienced a situation before, even if known to be a drill, they are more informed, better practiced and, therefore, more likely to respond calmly when faced with very real and very traumatic circumstances.

David Schonfeld, Director of The National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement recommends:

“Students should always know it is a drill, be given concrete actions to take - such as hiding, turning off the lights and staying quiet for a few minutes - and be given lots of opportunity to practice.”

Although the formalities of fire drills have been a staple of school life since the 1950s, schools today carry out an assortment of drills to test systems and assess readiness. All these training scenarios can be played out through CleverMessage, with different messages deployed in an instant to different Digital Signage displays across campus.

From the risks of natural phenomena, such as earthquakes and severe weather conditions, to the more chilling threats posed by intruders and the enforcement of emergency lockdown procedures, we all learn by doing and regular drills enable us to become practiced and prepared for when the alarm is raised for real.

Getting students involved and engaged with safety planning is a challenge for teachers.  This was met by Principal Ada Dolch in New York by bringing the subject into the classroom and setting her 9th graders the task of developing a new fire warning system. Giving ownership to the students proved hugely popular.  Ada comments:

“By the time the students finished with the plan and shared it with the administration, they were so entrenched in their work, there was little for us to change.  The students were so proud of their work that they wanted to demonstrate to the adults in the building that their plan would work in any circumstance.  They were right.  Because the students took the initiative, they were active participants in the drills and were eager to sit down to make adjustments as needed.”

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From classroom to corridor, cafeteria to sports field, digital signage powered by CleverMessage is the warning system that can instantly alert and inform across an entire campus.“