Integrate 2018: Clevertouch launch new screens in Australia

Integrate 2018: Clevertouch launch new screens in Australia

New developments for education and corporate markets

At Clevertouch we are constantly evolving our product line up. Newly launched in Australia this summer are screens for both education and corporate markets. 

Feature rich interactive panels

Pro Series | E-CAP

The E-CAP technology is a combination of IR on glass combined with EMR (electromagnetic resonance). EMR is a highly accurate and a responsive writing style using an active stylus. The screen comes with two active styluses for dual pen functionality, palm recognition and pressure sensing technology. The addition of IR recognises finger touch and gesture meaning that you can write and gesture simultaneously. Includes the new STAGE software for videoconferencing and virtual collaboration.

Plus Series | High Precision

The new High Precision technology allows for dual-pen mode, Super Glide Surface for a smoother handwriting finish, and a more accurate writing and drawing experience. Designed for Education, it includes over 100 educational apps in the Cleverstore, and a licence for Lynx and Snowflake MultiTeach.

New features with both panels:

  • CleverMessage - change the way you communicate - send branded full screen dynamic messages to your Clevertouch screens, including alert and emergency messaging
  • Remote Management - troubleshoot, side load apps, update firmware, or install software remotely, all from your IT office, with no need to visit each screen
  • Instant Updates - new firmware releases are now available over-the-air (OTA) meaning no need to download files from a PC and install via USB.
  • Personalised Account Profiles - NFC fobs allow users to access their settings, files, downloaded apps and more, as well as linking to their Cloud accounts 
  • Clevershare 2.0 - connect up to 50 devices to your Clevertouch. Compatible with Android, iOS, Chromebook, Windows and Mac. Show four device screens simultaneously on your Clevertouch display

"It's an exciting time for interactive screens - we've got new features for screen-sharing, remote managment, instant firmware updates, and groundbreaking new software."
Ian Bayfield, Clevertouch Australia  

Integrate 2018: Clevertouch launch new screens in Australia