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Interactive displays

For Enterprise

Interactive displays

For Enterprise

Designed for hybrid meetings

Embrace business-wide collaboration UX Pro combines the power and security of an Intel OPS Windows 10 Pro PC, with a sleek design for one-touch UC and VC applications. From the boardroom to the breakout area, the Clevertouch all-in-one Enterprise Ecosystem facilitates business-wide collaboration - empowering business leaders and staff to maximise their potential. Start a Video conference call with one click, Multi-host Zoom, Teams, or any Video conference application at the same time.

Embrace business-wide collaboration

Book your screen before a meeting and have videos or bespoke content play on your screen when it is not being used. Let Clevertouch transform your enterprise communications and workspaces into an integrated, seamless experience.

Integrate seamlessly

UX Pro can work as a standalone screen or in conjunction with additional displays via a connected hub. No matter what room set up you have, guests and team members alike can open their own UC account, such as Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, or Webex on the interactive display in conjunction with an Intel OPS PC. Users simply download the DisplayNote Launcher App onto their phones. From the app, they connect to the UX Pro display and start their meeting, launching Microsoft Teams on the large format display. Anyone can do this, without needing to have training or special access to the UX Pro display.

Natural User Interface

When you have too much to concentrate on, it can be difficult to focus on the content you are trying to present. Worrying about how to use your tech, switching between outputs and tools, and changing apps and settings can all reduce the uptake of user adoption. These barriers make people less likely to use the technology. That’s why, at Clevertouch Technologies, we’ve made it simple. There are now fewer “clicks” than ever before to navigate your meeting notes or presentations. The pen writes, the palm erases, and the finger moves - there are no clicks required, as your interactive display can recognise the source (either pen, finger, or palm) and instantly action the process you are trying to complete.

Totally secure

Lockdown settings to achieve a customised device. You can choose to switch between Android and PC, or remove the Android entirely. Works on-and-off the network, and can create its own hotspot to provide non-networked internet. Choose sources and inputs with a single swipe.

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