We recognise the need to support teachers and educators that choose our products. We now have an expanding range of resources available.  If you’d like to let us know what more we could provide please use the form below.

Many of our Cleverstore apps now come with teaching tips and/or downloadable resources. For example: Babar & Badou’s Musical Marching Band, Discovery Kids Dinosaur Puzzle & Play and Telling Time with The Smurfs.

You can spot which apps have additional tips & downloads by browsing the Cleverstore page – look for the banner called “Resources. We are working with App developers to increase this number all the time, but if there is something you’d like to see as soon as possible please let us know.

Classroom Technology: A Buyer’s Guide

The latest technology Buyer’s Guide from Clevertouch is essential reading for any school considering upgrading the AV equipment in their classrooms.

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Stars of the Big Screen

An article from Teach Primary on the use of Clevertouch in Grafton Primary School, by Lloyd Burgess.

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Benefits of integrating technology in classrooms

An infographic showing the benefits of integrating technology in classrooms.

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6 ways to become a 21st century teacher

An infographic showing 6 ways to become a 21st century teacher.

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5 collaborative learning questions

An infographic showing 5 collaborative learning questions.

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Clevertouch Education Brochure

Clevertouch is the number one front-of-class touchscreen, and this brochure contains all the most important information on the latest Clevertouch Plus and V-Series models, as well as our educational software and app packages.

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Clevertouch Plus Basic Functions Guide

Easy to understand brochure on the key features of Clevertouch Plus LUX. Set up Wi-Fi, use apps, open files and annotate on-screen.

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The Rise of the Digital Classroom Report

New research by leading British technology manufacturer, Sahara Plc, uncovers the latest technology innovations and highlights some of the issues facing the teaching community in the UK. The Clevertouch Rise of The Digital Classroom report summarises key information from the research for teachers and lecturers, keeping them up to date with the industry opinions and trends.

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“Teaching Gets Technical” Infographic

It’s no exaggeration to say that technology in education is streets ahead of other sectors. Tablets have been entrenched in schools since the iPad hit the market, powerful touchscreens dominate at the front of the class and apps are increasingly being used across the curriculum, but is it working together effectively and are teachers confident using the tools at their fingertips?

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A Buyer’s Guide to Classroom Technology

Almost 70% of UK primary and secondary schools are encouraging pupils to use tablets in class. Is your school is considering bringing touchscreens into the classroom, either through personal devices or front-of-class touchscreens? Our guide addresses your top 25 questions, giving you the answers to many of your burning questions.

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