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An interactive screen with unlimited possibilities.


An interactive screen with unlimited possibilities.

  Full range of sizes: 65" 4k | 75" 4K | 86" 4K  

Combines high-quality design, functionality, durability, native screen sharing and 4K resolution.

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Combines high-quality design, functionality, durability, native screen sharing and 4K resolution.

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Features & Benefits

An interactive screen with unlimited possibilities. IMPACT Max combines high-quality design, functionality, durability and 4K resolution.

  • High Precision Technology

    Our patented Super Glide Touch technology offers the most fluid writing experience on a touchscreen – as smooth as writing on a whiteboard. Able to differentiate between palm-erase, fingertouch, and stylus-writing, there’s no need to change settings mid-flow.

  • Microphone

    Built-in line array microphone.

  • 4K

    True 4K resolution and sharper user experience throughout

  • Screen Mirroring

    Up to 50 student or teacher devices can connect, with 6 shown on the IMPACT Plus display simultaneously.

  • New super cool comfort stylus

  • Cleverstore

    Access hundreds of free teaching apps to make lessons engaging.

  • Security Matters

    We know how important it is to be secure, so we’ve got lots of options for you to keep control of your device. Clevertouch can run on-or-off the network. Settings, apps, and Android can all be disabled. Data can be wiped at the end of a session and the screen can be locked with a secure password.

  • Super Wide Sound

    45W Max Power for room-filling sound.

  • Connectivity

    Huge connectivity including the latest generation USB-C port.

  • Cloud Accounts

    Sync with your Cloud accounts so that you can work anywhere at any time.

  • Wifi Enabled

  • Environmentally Friendly Motion Detection

    Equipped with Proximity Sensors your Clevertouch will power off when no one is detected in the room.

  • Croatian pre-installed

  • No ongoing software costs

    No subscription charges for LYNX Whiteboard, CleverLive and cleverstore

Front Facing Ports Built Into Bezel

USB 2.0 x 2
USB 3.0 x 2
Fully Functional USB Type C x 1
HDMI x 1
USB Touch x 1
Power Button
Front Facing Speakers 30W

LUX User interface

The LUX user interface has been designed to be simple to use and intuitive. With functionality similar to a tablet or smartphone, every task requires just a quick touch or swipe to action. Clevertouch have created a system that is so simple, anyone can walk into the room and use the screen with no training or prior knowledge.

Software included for free with no ongoing subscription costs

LYNX Whiteboard

The possibilities are endless with LYNX Whiteboard. Change the way you present with touch-based presentations in LYNX Whiteboard. Import files from apps such as powerpoint, PDFS or browser-based content, images and videos and more to create engaging and collaborative presentations.

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Collaborate With Ease – connect up to 50 devices to share images, video, and audio directly to your Clevertouch screen. With touch-back for two-way control, the presenter has full control over what is shared and can show 6 screens simultaneously, increasing collaboration and participation within every session.

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Hundreds of apps for education at no extra cost. We've hand-picked apps from educational app developers that support Common Core State Standards in the US and the National Curriculum in the UK. 

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A winning warranty that's unbeatable and incomparable

We understand that your Clevertouch is critical to your classroom.  That’s why they’re designed for performance and built to last.  But occasionally, what can’t go wrong does develop a fault, so you need to be sure your warranty covers it and corrects it – FAST.  With a winning warranty from Clevertouch, fully inclusive means fully inclusive, and we guarantee no unexpected charges and no inconvenient hassles.

  • Free fault-finding and screen repair, no matter where you are in the world

  • No delivery charges for faulty screen returns

  • Full 5-year warranty - no need to register

  • No hidden clauses or additional costs

  • Guarantees all parts and components

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Your all-in-one solution provider

Your all-in-one solution provider

Control all of your Clevertouch products and empower users to communicate and colloborate across your organisation with our leading online platform CleverLive. Control the content displayed on your screens no matter how many or where they are in the world, such as live news feeds, emergency alerts, welcome messages, room booking information and more.

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