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Empower your communications with our industry-leading, all-in-one digital signage solution. Discover the comprehensive range of hardware and software products tailored to your project requirements. 

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Clevertouch offers a complete digital signage solution for a variety of communication requirements, catering for all areas and application needs of your organisation. Users can engage with a large targeted audience to display dynamic messages that incorporate media formats such as text photos/images, videos, website pages, RSS feeds and social media pull-throughs. Managed through a user-friendly web-based cloud platform, the comprehensive range includes Professional Displays, Free Standing Kiosks, Room Booking panels, Collaborative Whiteboards, and Interactive touch screens. 

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The beauty of Clevertouch Digital Signage lies within our complimentary, award-winning online platform CleverLive. Share attention-grabbing content, instant alerts and branded visuals across your displays within seconds. Control all of your Clevertouch devices from one central place with real-time editing and scheduling capabilities.

Coming soon - A sleek new look and upgrade features and functionality.

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Commercial Displays

Our Professional Displays are designed for many uses, providing high-quality display systems with perfect graphics and in-built digital signage to capture and engage audiences. From small meeting rooms or office displays to giant foyer displays, we have a range suitable for you. 

Media Players

Turn any display into a multi-zoned digital signage solution with our range of media players. Our Media Players provide a simple solution to connect your digital displays to CleverLive to create tailored content and display programmes as well as control the playback of each screen.

Room Booking

Easy and versatile room booking panels. 

Live Rooms

Simplify your meeting room booking process with LiveRooms. Integrate with your Microsoft or Google calendar to book rooms from your desktop PC calendar or live from the room booking panel. 

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Interactive Displays

By combining digital signage with a touchscreen display, you can unlock a new level of engagement and interactivity. Gone are the days of passive viewing; now, you can captivate your audience and entice them to actively participate. Imagine the power of enabling customers to interact directly with your digital signage, whether it's to provide valuable information or collect data. 

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