Innovative displays that create collaborative learning environments

Clevertouch advanced AV solutions help lecturers and teaching professionals to deliver educational excellence. Our immersive learning technology transforms a lesson into an adventure, teaching into an experience, and information into tangible journeys that students can engage with and understand. Digital, interactive classrooms are the lecture theatres of the future, and Clevertouch is proud to be at the forefront of this movement.

Interactive Displays

Teaching Through Experience

Interactive teaching allows the educators of today to deliver so much more than knowledge; it enables students to hear, see, and experience lesson topics to truly understand what is being taught.

UX Pro is a smart interactive touchscreen system designed by teachers, for teachers. Its usage is not restricted to the lecture hall, but is a dynamic and flexible system accessible from anywhere. This empowers distance learning students to participate from home, allowing students to collaborate and share groundbreaking ideas seamlessly and allow remote learning course recipients to receive the same experience as those at the front of the classroom.

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Reliable Further Education Software

Universities and higher education campuses are high footfall, high-performance areas, and the teaching equipment is used rigorously every day. Clevertouch develops technologies that work as hard as you do, withstanding the rigours of daily use and providing outstanding longevity and value for money.

Our AV solutions come with a full warranty for your peace of mind, and to ensure that your investment into augmented learning is available to all students, for years to come.

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Unified Communications

Connected Learning

UX Pro is designed to deliver impactful lessons that become even more valuable when it is a shared experience. Our higher education interactive learning systems allow every student to continue with their journey through digital communications long after the lesson has ended.

With enterprise-level communications, learners can discuss, brainstorm and share as a network of higher education students to extract the highest benefit from their studies. Fully compatible with the full G Suite and 365.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage Communication

Digital signage is an efficient way to communicate with faculty members and the student body with ease. Our digital signage software and hardware work together seamlessly to deliver key messages, important updates, and instructions via high-quality, vibrant screens positioned throughout your campus.

Clevertouch Live allows you to create bespoke branded media featuring your unique university branding, with templates available to share text, videos, news, social media, images, and more on-demand.

Our most popular CM Series screen harnesses the best in powerful brilliance, with large-format professional display with in-built digital signage delivering eye-catching notices that are engaging and accessible to all.

In the age of Covid-19, this powerful technology is vital in informing campus users about safety protocols, health, and safety requirements, and providing updates as your internal controls update.

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Helping students to find their way

Wayfinding is essential in large campuses and throughout complex building structures. Utilising outstanding quality digital signage boards to indicate floormaps, layouts, and facilities, our wayfinding solutions ensure that visitors, staff, and students alike can reach their destination with confidence, enhancing efficiency and creating a feeling of positivity that exists in all successful educational establishments.

Intuitive navigation becomes simple, and any crucial information around parking, one-way systems, or access closures can be instantly updated to display on all wayfinding signage.

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Collaborate seamlessly

Bring your people together, wherever they might be, with high-quality graphics, audio, and text, all delivered straight to their preferred device.

Our Digital Ecosystem contains the next generation in collaborative software, seamlessly connecting administrators and staff. Remote access enhances the capacity for flexible working, with Clevershare connecting no less than 50 individual devices for immediate and widespread communications to be shared with colleagues.

CleverMessage transforms all connected devices into digital signage instantaneously, so emergencies or critical notices can be displayed simultaneously throughout your campus which is essential in a post-pandemic world.

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