Clevertouch and Mendtronix Inc.
Onsite Repair and Warranty Procedures

Your Clevertouch display is covered by a free three-year on-site manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers all relevant parts and labor costs associated with repairing your Clevertouch display in the unlikely event that it becomes faulty within a three-year period from the date of purchase.


1. Who will carry out your repair?

Clevertouch has partnered with Mendtronix Inc. (MTI) located at 115 Smokehill Lane, Woodstock, GA 30188 (Atlanta area) as our authorized and fully certified repair provider. MTI is responsible for carrying out all of the Clevertouch warranty work in the USA and has many years of experience in undertaking such services.


2. How does your Clevertouch warranty work?

  1. In the unlikely event of your Clevertouch display developing a fault, we request that you initially make contact with your Clevertouch Dealer as your dealer may be able to assist you in a timelier manner on a number of basic symptoms that can be corrected with a simple phone call or a fast, local on-site visit.
  2. If your local dealer cannot assist you, we recommend that you take one of two steps:

    (1) Ask your dealer to log a repair service call with our service partner MTI on your behalf.
    (2) Contact MTI yourself and log a service call.

    Please call or email to reach MTI:
    Call: 858.726.0200 x330 | Email:

    You will need the following information on hand when you make the call:
    (1) The model and serial number of your Clevertouch display (this can be found on the righthand side of the frame).
    (2) The date of purchase.
    (3) A clear description of the fault you are experiencing with your display.


3. Business Hours available

MTI is available between 9 am to 6 pm Eastern Time (6:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Time), Monday to Friday, less major holidays. Clevertouch USA office is available between 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday to Friday, less major holidays.


4. Response time for calls and emails

All calls are answered immediately when possible, or you will receive a call-back within 2 business hours. All emails will be responded to within 2 - 3 business hours.


5. General Process Priority

Once you make a call or send an email to MTI, a service ticket # will be generated for each unit inquiry. This number will be unique to your specific unit serial number and should be used as a reference throughout the warranty repair process until complete resolution is achieved.

  1. Phone triage resolution. We will need a clear description of what issues you are experiencing which can be provided by your dealer, yourself or your IT technician.
  2. On-site visit required. We will need to know when a room, classroom or conference room is available for our repair technician to access the screen, and we may need to coordinate this with either your local dealer who may wish to assist you (with us) or your AV, IT and/or facility personnel.
  3. We aim to complete your on-site repair, once the access logistics are confirmed, within 3 business days.


6. Full Clevertouch screen exchange needed?

  1. In the unlikely event that we are unable to repair your Clevertouch display, once we have fully confirmed that your display needs to be replaced, we will aim to ship your replacement within one business day. We will require the full destination address for shipping, a contact name onsite with direct phone number and email address and a determination of who will be performing the replacement labor, as this may be your reseller, yourselves, or an MTI technician. We will confirm this with you at the time of the exchange.
  2. The non-working display must be prepared for return in original packaging for safe transportation. This may come from retained packaging saved from the initial delivery or using the new packaging from the replacement unit once it arrives. Either way, any shipped unit must be fully protected with all internal corner and other padding items properly in place and the unit must be kept upright at all times to avoid physical damage.
  3. MTI or your reseller will assist with arranging a carrier’s pick-up. The specific address, personnel contact information (cell phone and email) and days/times available must be provided so carriers can efficiently remove and return the non-performing unit.


Please click HERE to download this warranty.