The Clevertouch Digital Ecosystem communication and collaboration technologies

Interactive Displays

The award-winning
interactive displays

Our highly acclaimed and award-winning interactive displays are pivotal to our Ecosystem – a unique all-in-one User Experience that defines the way we interact and collaborate.

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Lynx Whiteboard

Build captivating lessons

Allow students to interact with content and collaborate in the classroom.

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Instant alerts and messaging

Send messages and alerts to every Clevertouch screen in an instant.

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Work as one
Learn as one

Share content with ease from any device to the Clevertouch screen.

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The Ecosystem

A unique User Experience for the collaborative space, redefining the way we communicate, interact, and collaborate with each other.

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Commercial Displays

Give your space

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Digital Signage

Clear & powerful digital messaging

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ZoomRooms with Clevertouch and Jabra:
The powerful collaboration solution for every space.

Gain instant access to your Zoom meetings –  proximity sensors will power up the screen straight into Zoom Rooms with no fuss or delays.
Zoom Rooms powered by Clevertouch is the perfect collaboration partner for every space.


Live Rooms

Schedule, share and meet

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Improve your client experience

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Find the perfect accessories

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