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A truly unified communications platform

Most businesses have staff members using at least two UC applications regularly. In an era where remote conferencing and meetings have become the norm, in addition to video and voice, users are now looking for flexible and easy content sharing.

A business trainer once asked: “My delegates want an easy way of joining and sharing their thoughts whilst on my remote training sessions, is this possible?”

Another user asked: “I wish it were possible to have a click button that takes me to a room where I could truly collaborate without having to download anything, is this possible?”

The above kind of questions are becoming more frequent as companies are seeking to bridge that flexible working gap. 

The answer to both questions asked above is yes! However, most UC applications have focused on strong Video or Voice offerings, forgetting that people meet to collaborate and share thoughts in a face to face environment. 

This is where Stage comes in. A browser-based; lightweight UC application that enables true collaboration. No exe. file downloads are required, and it can work alongside your existing UC platform. 

Stage enables real-time collaboration no matter where in the world participants are. 

Stage is very intuitive, meaning no training is required and it doesn't require a pre-config on a separate portal. It's simply a case of Ready, Meet, Collaborate!

Businesses now have a way to very easily collaborate with their wider staff members and customers, leading to much improved and efficient, cross country collaboration! 

The whiteboard feature allows document import and mark-up by all participants and the ability to easily export your content afterwards. With Stage you can also brand your online room with your logo and personalize the meeting experience. 

To trial a Stage license at no cost to you or to find out how stage along with Clevertouch can help with your post COVID meeting space, contact us at: [email protected]

Trial and change the way you work!


Businesses now have a way to truly and easily collaborate with their wider staff members, leading to collaboration across countries.