Cleverstore – free apps for interactive
teaching and learning across K-12

Cleverstore – free apps for interactive teaching and learning across K-12
By Rob Xenos on 12 June 2019

As teachers look forward to the summer break and reflect on the past academic year, they may be looking for ideas to better engage their students in the next academic year. We all know that apps are a part of Gen-Z’s everyday life – so why not make them a part of your everyday teaching, asks Clevertouch Software Development Manager, Rob Xenos.

The buzz in education news and at trade shows, such as ISTE, in 2019 has been around ideas about EdTech supporting teachers, streamlining assessment and reducing workload. Software, not hardware, is fast becoming the focus of EdTech. Teachers and educators are fast becoming used to using tech in the classroom even though they are reportedly not always supported in training and take up. However, technology, as advanced as it is, cannot replace teaching (something a certain social network magnate has recently come under criticism for), but it can enhance the classroom experience. 

In addition to the wide range of shared teacher resources and lessons available to Clevertouch users, there is also a wide range of apps in our Cleverstore to choose from - advert and subscription free – at no extra cost to you and in line with the Common Core State Standards. Use these engaging apps to aid teaching literacy to your little ones, fractions to your first graders or the sciences to your seniors - and everything in between!

Here’s a quick round up of just a few of the awesome apps available:

Kindergarten Learning Boost Workbook 

This interactive workbook is packed full of essential kindergarten topics from will teach your kids important kindergarten subjects such as phonics and numbers to engage young learners in the essentials. The use of attractive animations, sound effects, voice narration and other interactive elements make this a perfect learning tool for kindergarten students. Assessment is built in too! Teachers can monitor their students’ learning and progress with the aid of automatic grading.


STEM subjects are increasingly important in the education space. With the hugely popular, award winning Geogebra app, students can learn to solve math problems, apply statistics and calculus develop graph functions, and create geometric constructions. The app looks great on the big screen of the Plus Series and contains everything needed for teaching geometry, algebra, trigonometry, derivatives, integrals, and statistics, as well as freehand drawings and shape recognition.

4th Grade Learning Games

Literacy is seen as the key indicator of success for the future of young learners. As well as encouraging group participation, teachers can assess progress and understanding of a range of literacy fundamentals such as synonyms, antonyms and homophones, as well as a range of spelling, punctuation and grammar activities. Check out the other grade specific games too!

Using apps can lend some fun and flexibility to your lessons and introduce new and complex topics in an accessible and relatable way. So why not try these apps today, use a ready to go lesson from one of the teachers in the community or create and share one of your own lessons. 

Finally, watch out for exciting announcements about apps with Clevertouch coming soon!