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Clevershare new release (2.4.0)

Connect up to 50 devices to your interactive display wirelessly with Clevershare. Now with even more features, the new release includes Chromecast and airplay connecting, hotspot and desktop syncing. 

We have just updated Clevershare to a new version (2.4.0) which has additional features.

What is Clevershare?

This is an application which is built-in to the Clevertouch panels that will allow you to cast multiple devices wirelessly to your interactive display. This includes Laptop, Mac, Chromebook, mobile phone and tablet.

How to get the Clevershare application on your device?

You can download from the software section of our website for PC or Mac. You can also download it from conventional App stores for IOS or Android devices.

How to connect

There are three ways to set up your Clevertouch panel for Clevershare.

Network - To connect via the Clevershare app your device will need to be on the same network as the Clevertouch. 
Advanced Mode – This has additional encryption and will allow you to connect dual sub networks. This means that Clevershare can be set up in a room for both the corporate and guest networks.
Hotspot - If for some reason you are unable to put the Clevertouch on the network we have a built-in hotspot that you can use.

Chromecast and Airplay

There is an optional button you can swipe in the settings that will allow you to natively connect your device this way.

Mastering Mode

This optional mode will allow you to manually accept or reject from the Clevertouch screen when someone attempts to connect via Clevershare.

Connecting Devices

You can now have up to 6 devices viewable (split screen) on the Clevertouch display at the same time.

Desktop Sync

This allows you to mirror the Clevertouch screen back to your device.  You can desktop sync to several devices at the same time including phone, tablet, PC and Mac. When you are connected this way a new toolbar will appear on the top of the Clevertouch screen. You will be able to write, erase, capture (directly to the Clevertouch whiteboard), save and share to any or all of the connected devices.


Now with even more features