What's inside?

Before you start your Interactive Display journey, you should consider the needs of your school. Which features would benefit your teachers and students? Which ones are a must-have and which are a nice-to-have? The following guide will help you to decide what is important.

✓ Interactive displays - what, why and how? 
    ✓ What is an interactive display?
    ✓ Why choose an interactive display?
    ✓ How can your school benefit from an Interactive Display?
    ✓ How an Interactive Display can reduce your energy consumption

✓ Interactive features you should consider and why
    ✓ Interactive Technology
    ✓ Computer Systems
    ✓ Integrations & Apps
    ✓ Built-in Whiteboard
    ✓ Remote & blended learning capabilities
    ✓ Connectivity
    ✓ Security
    ✓ Remote Display Management

✓ Choosing the right brand
    ✓ Warranty
    ✓ Training
    ✓ Trusted brand

✓ The checklist

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