1. Products covered by our warranty

  • Plus Series – All versions
  • Pro Series – All versions

All Clevertouch models come with a five-year warranty valid from the date of purchase. The warranty
claim is on site support and entitles the user to replacement and repair of defective parts.
The performance of the warranty claims shall cause neither an extension nor a restart of the
warranty period.

All Clevertouch accessories are covered by a 12 month RTB (return to base) warranty. This includes:

  • PC modules – please note only PC hardware is covered
  • NFC Pen Tray Module
  • Clevercable
  • CleverCast
  • Wifi Module
  • Remote controls
  • Super Cool Stylus 


2. Exclusions

The Warranty does not apply to damage for which Clevertouch cannot bear responsibility and which include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Improper use, mechanical damage (e.g scratches, pressure or break points), incorrect storage or cleaning and maintenance nor does it cover the costs of any modification or adjustments which may be necessary to adapt the product to meet any local technical or safety standards.
  2. Connection or use of the product for a purpose other than that for which it is intended and non-observation of Clevertouch’s operating and installation instructions or the valid technical and safety-relevant provisions or standards of the country in which the product is used.
  3. Non-observation of Clevertouch’s care and maintenance instructions.
  4. The permanent – also partial – display of fixed imaged (typical display damage being so-called burn-in effects such as image retention and image sticking).
  5. Operating conditions which exceed normal office or private use (e.g operation in smoky or dusty atmospheres or at extraordinary room temperatures and under UV/IR radiation). Separate operating conditions are specified by Clevertouch for certain products if necessary;
  6. Separate operating conditions are specified by Clevertouch for certain products if necessary.
  7. Natural Disaster, fire, flooding, chemical or biological exposure, acts of war, acts of violence or similar events.
  8. Defects caused by a non-Clevertouch product being connected or used in conjunction with the Product.
  9. The modification of the product by persons not authorised by Clevertouch.
  10. Accessory parts such as boxes, packaging, batteries or other consumables which are used in conjunction with the product and have to be replaced as expected are not covered by the warranty.
  11. Pixel failure errors are unavoidable in LED Technology, they only constitute a fault under the terms of this warranty if they deviate from the products manufacturer of the LCD panel itself specification.
  12. Products whose serial numbers have been modified, removed or made illegible are excluded from the warranty.

Warranty Processing

Warranty claims are dealt with by the Clevertouch Support Team. Please contact https://support.clevertouch.com for further information. You will be asked to provide a few basic details such as contact details, the serial number of the screen and a good description of the fault. To assist our support agents to analyse your requests more efficiently you may also wish to provide images and or a movie to support your case. Once your support request has been received, it will be processed swiftly and you will receive by return a support case number relative to your fault. Please note that this support case must be used/quoted in relation to all correspondence connected to your service and support requirements.


3. Software Operating Systems

  • The Warranty is applicable to the current software operating version specified at the time of purchase.
  • We’re unable to guarantee the operation of the product where third-party operating systems are updated. We will endeavour to support all latest updates where possible.
  • This will also apply to the software packages included with the product.


4. Accidental damage

  • We are unable to warranty accidental damage as this is outside of the manufacturer control. Third party insurance should be taken out to cover this eventuality.
  • The Clevertouch range of screens have been designed to be used in harsh environments with toughened safety glass, (excludes Capacitive Touch) with metal/aluminium frames and back panels. In relatively dusty environments all IR products touch frames will need to be regularly cleaned for touch to continue to perform as designed.
  • The product has been designed with fan-less cooling technology to reduce dust and dirt ingress.


5. DOA (dead on Arrival) 

All brand-new Devices carry a thirty (30) day ‘Dead on Arrival’ (‘DOA’) Warranty Policy, valid from
the date of invoice. A new replacement unit will be provided if the Device is found to be nonoperational
within thirty (30) days of invoice, and freight will be covered both ways


Key Terminology

  • **LCD Panel Module – consists of LCD Panel, TCON board and complete backlight module.