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Mobile solutions allowing socially distanced lectures for those on campus

Nick Barker, HE/FE technology specialist

Collaboration is at the heart of uni life, and sharing and debating ideas is crucial to students' further educational development. 

With COVID pushing a lot of students out of the seminar room and into remote learning, other universities are trying to find ways that students can still connect together face-to-face. 

A growing trend that I have witnessed in colleges and universities is that smaller groups of students are forming "bubbles". This still allows students to meet in-person to discuss ideas and work collaboratively on projects.

I have seen university AV Managers move away from the traditional fixed-to-wall displays, and start to favour displays mounted to a mobile trolley. This allows you to utilise under-used or empty areas on campus, and if there is the need for a deep clean of a room or building, the screens can easily be moved to a safer area and continue to be used. 

Whilst many have concerns about using a touch screen, our displays are compatible with PPE gloves, so they can be touched without cross-contamination between students. They can also easily be cleaned with a screen cleaner and microfiber cloth.

It is possible to interact without touch! Proximity sensor within our displays turn on the display when detecting movement, and then when using our Clevershare Device sharing platform, you can control the display from your own personal device, meaning you do not have to touch the display.

The hot topic in fe/he right now continues to be on Blended Learning and integration of VC Platforms (Zoom and Teams in particular) into learning and teaching spaces. I’ve been having many conversations with further/higher education establishments on how Clevertouch can aid remote learning and delivery via these platforms. The ability for a full-screen share of the Clevertouch display to all participants both in the room and viewing remotely offers a great delivery model and experience for the viewer. We deliver remote training and demonstrations this way and gives an instant view of content. The positioning of a camera aimed at the lecturer, and “Spotlight” mode in Zoom, for example, means participants can see the lecturer interacting with the display and engaging the audience, and the interactions/content is shared for all from the display.

For those using a mixture of platforms, Our DisplayNote Launcher bundle provides a secure and easy to use interface for quickly launching meetings on any VC platform.

We are committed to finding effective teaching solutions, despite the struggles we are all currently facing. For more information on how I can help, get in touch at [email protected].


A growing trend that I have witnessed in colleges and universities is that smaller groups of students are forming 'bubbles'."