Launcher helps organisations thrive in the changing hybrid workplace

Shared meeting spaces, hybrid working, and video collaboration are the heart of the new way of working. But the experience can be frustrating for room users and IT admins alike, with technical difficulties, security risks and inflexible setups.

Launcher ensures your meeting spaces deliver a best-in-class user experience for all users.

As a Windows software solution, Launcher can be added to the screens you already use, making it a cost-effective solution.

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  • Create shortcuts to your favourite apps and websites

  • Personalise with a logo and background

  • Launch video calls with ease

  • Configurable device cleanup

  • Pin-protected admin settings

  • OneDrive and personal calendar sign in







Ensuring meeting room flexibility and security at the Victorian chamber of commerce and Industry

Easy call launching with different video platforms

More efficient meetings with fewer help requests

Hybrid enabled rooms

Glenn Goodwin - Executive director of IT, VCCI

“We wanted the screens to be locked down, but still give staff the option to launch calls in the video conferencing platform of choice. launcher is easy to use and we don't have people coming out of meeting rooms frustrated that they can't get into meetings. It's a good solution.”

Bishop Fleming facilitates secure hybrid meetings throughout their organisation

Easy call launching with different video platforms

Locked down kiosk

Standardised experiences

Andrew Yardsley, CTO Bishop Fleming

“Launcher allows us to have an always-on kiosk. We have it locked down so users can only access the pre-approved range of video conferencing Solutions along with a browser which we used for training purposes.”

DisplayNote Launcher 2022/Benefits for it admin
DisplayNote Launcher

Benefits for IT Admin

Leverages existing equipment

Fewer help requests and callouts

More control over meeting room security

More digitally inclusive meeting spaces

DisplayNote Launcher 2022/Benefits for meeting room users
DisplayNote Launcher

Benefits for Meeting Room Users

Less time setting-up

Fewer technical difficulties

More efficient meetings

More confidence using room equipment

DisplayNote Launcher 2022/key features

Key Features

One-touch access to conference calls and apps

Support for Office 365 and Google calendars

Configurable cleanup of apps karma browsers and folders

Export settings for fast deployment

Run as kiosk to restrict access to the Windows system

Custom background and logo

Support for HDMI-in devices

Deploy via InTune