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Solving communication problems on campus for colleges and universities

College and university campuses can be vast, some may even have multiple campuses across cities, and this makes it a challenge to facilitate the distribution of timely information.

Digital signage is a cost-effective technology that delivers the tools higher education institutes need to broadcast engaging content for students, staff, visitors, and teachers.

Cloud-based digital signage platform CleverLive, a global award-winning cloud CMS platform, enables users to change information quickly and easily in real time or in advance with scheduled messaging.  The platform also has unique one button messaging feature for instant announcements to be triggered instantly across groups of screens on one or all campuses simultaneously.

CleverLive is the 'control room’ platform for the Clevertouch digital ecosystem which integrates all Clevertouch devices including classroom collaboration panels, wayfinding totems, room booking tablets and large format display screens with digital signage, creating a seamless distribution of communication for broadcasting messages across campus.   


Popular ways higher education institutes can and are deploying digital signage to solve the problem of communicating around the campus include:


Communicating frequently changing information such as timetables and events, along with policies, health and safety procedures, local transport updates, and world new.  Digital signage can be on wall mounted panels and include QR code technology for audience interaction.


Providing easy access information on how to get around campus is vital for keeping the school running on time.  Digital signage is commonly deployed on free-standing totems or wall mounted panels to display maps for ease of directional displays. 

Room Booking

Finding available, classrooms, study areas or library spaces around a campus can be difficult and time consuming.  Using digital signage to display availability of space resources improves time management for both students and staff.

Emergency Alerts

Sending instant emergency alerts to manage situations such as strangers on campus, fire, accidents, weather warnings and other crucial, and is a valuable way the technology is used by schools. 


For further information on implementing educational digital signage for your higher education institute, contact the Clevertouch team.


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Digital signage is commonly deployed on free-standing totems or wall mounted panels to display maps for ease of directional displays