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Oil & Gas sector innovation hub installs Clevertouch to aid collaboration

The Oil & Gas Technology Centre was opened by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in October 2016 as part of the Aberdeen City Region Deal, a long-term improvement programme to enhance growth, competitiveness, connectivity, infrastructure, housing, and employment into an already successful regional economy.

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Backed by both the UK and Scottish governments, the Technology Centre is an industry-led research and knowledge organisation to accelerate innovation and develop exciting new technologies that help unlock the full potential of the UK North Sea, anchors the supply chain in North East Scotland and creates a culture of innovation in the region.

The Challenge

The Technology Centre needed a flexible and multi-use solution to accomplish everything from 4K video to global collaborative meetings and was system-agnostic – supporting Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

Graeme McGuire is the Managing Director from AV One Solutions, the AV provider for the Innovation Hub at the Technology Centre. "Although we had delivered several collaboration rooms for clients in the oil and gas industry, it was clear to us from the outset that the Innovation Hub was going to be a unique environment."

He continues, "The entire physical room design was based around the concept of group collaboration and encouraging open, creative, and free-thinking between all participants, whether they were located at the centre or the other side of the world. The central point being a six-metre wide, 15 screen interactive video-wall, which needed to integrate with all other AV technology within the centre."

Nikki Tierney, the Technology Centre’s Hub Manager said, "The interactive displays needed to be robust and user-intuitive.  We run sessions almost every day and needed AV technology that visitors could walk-up-and-use without any training and that wouldn’t fall over."

"We also needed an excellent touch interface.  We run highly intensive sessions using touch-based software in our workshops, so any solution had to process touch accurately, effectively, and without lag."

The Solution

Pro Series interactive displays from Clevertouch work in full collaboration with the innovation centres giant interactive videowall, the workshop iPads, as well as individual visitor owned devices. 

Graeme explains, "The combined interactive technologies – videowall, Clevertouch and the iPads – provides the perfect technical environment within which to optimise the centre’s Bluescape collaborative software.  The software enables storyboarding, collation, video, annotation and remote sharing to every room in the centre, and with any device in the world."

The Pro’s collaborative features and easy-to-use LUX interface lend themselves to the diverse range of workshops, events, and meetings that are held within the Innovation Hub.  Graeme continues, "The intuitive user experience was important as there are new visitors to the hub using the technology every day.  The client didn’t want participants spending precious time or having to call in internal IT support just to work out how to use the display."

Nikki comments, "We have a had a long-term partnership with AV One and trust their guidance.  They introduced us to the Pro from Clevertouch, which we chose because it was keenly priced, offered the flexibility in terms of height and angle we required, and had excellent touch capability."

The Results

Nikki comments "The Clevertouch displays have proven to be the most robust and fool-proof piece of kit in the centre. The install went without a hitch and we’ve had no problems since." Nikki continues, "Feedback received from users and visitors to the centre is often about how easy it is to use.  The collaborative Bluescape software works so seamlessly with the hardware that users don’t even notice the technology, which is why it’s so brilliant!"

Graeme says, "The Technology Centre has given excellent feedback on the Clevertouch displays, so much so they have ordered three more screens for other meeting rooms within the centre."

"The Clevertouch displays have proven to be the most robust and fool-proof piece of kit in the centre. The install went without a hitch and we’ve had no problems since."

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The award wining UX Pro was chosen for the installation

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