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Designed for interactive displays, LYNX Whiteboard is a free-to-use lesson building app, enabling student collabtion.

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A tour of LYNX Whiteboard

Gareth Middleton takes us on a tour of the latest LYNX Whiteboard features, giving us an overview on how to create an engaging, interactive lesson.

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Why choose LYNX?


Built-in Media

Media Search

Bring vibrancy to your lessons with our built-in media search. Images, Gifs and Videos are all searchable, allowing you to drag content into your whiteboard presentation. Safe search enabled, the possibilities are endless.

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Tools kit

Tools for teachers

We've made it easy to access your toolkit. With teachers' favorite programs like Rainbow Pen and Spotlight included, as well as interactive learning tools, LYNX comes packed with features to keep lessons flowing.

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Free classroom apps

Games & Activities

We've partnered with STEM experts, PhET, to give you access to dozens of games and activities to engage students working on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Cross-platform compatibility

You can use any device

LYNX runs across multiple platforms on a variety of devices, including Clevertouch screens, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, as well as Windows and Mac computers.



Encourage collaboration

LYNX can be run in dual screen mode, ideal for group work and for multiple students to participate in class.

free of interruptions

Collect web content

With a direct browser link, you won't have to log out to access content from a Google search and therefore won't have to interrupt your class.

active learning

Increase engagement

A los niños les encanta levantarse y utilizar la pantalla grande. Con el reconocimiento de escritura a mano, el reconocimiento de fórmulas matemáticas, dados, herramientas de matemáticas, herramientas para ciencias y más, siempre hay nuevas razones para que los estudiantes se levanten y aprendan de forma activa.

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Take your files with you

Cloud-based platform

Save your files on the LYNX Cloud and share them with your colleagues, or sync your account with Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.

Top tips for teachers

Former teachers, Gilly and Gareth, share their top tips for creating interactive lesson activities. From making interactive scenes to teaching fractions with shape splitting, there’s something for all subjects, and each tip includes a PDF printout for you to keep in the classroom.



LYNX Whiteboard ahora se ha asociado con PhET para brindarle más de 80 actividades STEM GRATIS para usar en su salón de clases o establecer como tarea.

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