Rolling out the ecosystem of Clevertouch interactive and digital signage solutions.

Worthy Down is part of the Defence services in the UK, focusing on personnel admin training for the Army, Navy and RAF (Tri-Services). The campus hosts around 1,000 students with multiple on-site classrooms and lecture theatres while housing other services. The campus has grown rapidly recently with new buildings and an amalgamation of services where services have relocated to the Worthy Down site. 


  • Worthy Down is a branch of the UK Defence Services that provides personnel admin training to the Army, Navy, and RAF (Tri-Services).


  • The goal has always been to prioritise digital advancements in new buildings. To achieve this, we executed a two-phase solution. The first phase involves replacing outdated technology with Clevertouch IMPACT interactive flat panels. The second phase entails enhancing campus communication by implementing a cloud-based digital signage system.

With change in mind, the aspiration was always to make all their new buildings more digitally focused. With existing interactive whiteboards with projectors and ageing digital signage screens that were primitive to use, the IT team sourced a new digital ecosystem across the campus that would be cloud-based.

As part of the first rollout, 75 Clevertouch IMPACT interactive flat panels were rolled out to classrooms which immediately helped improve the reliability of their classroom technology with some of the IMPACT touchscreens placed on trolleys for collaboration spaces and ad-hoc digital signage around the campus. 

The second part of the rollout was to improve communications around the campus with a new cloud-based digital signage system using Clevertouch's CM Series commercial displays, pico players and free-to-use CleverLive cloud-based system to upload new content quickly and easily. 

As part of the tech refresh, 60 CM Series commercial displays and Pico players have been installed around the campus, with a further 15 of each to follow.  
The new Clevertouch digital signage is used campus-wide from the catering block to update menus throughout the day, welfare notices and charity events that are taking place throughout the day. Clevertouch's CM Series Commercial Displays and Pico players replaced traditional cardboard posters and ageing complicated signage screens.

Matthew continues: 'The idea was to move away from placing posters around the campus and having non user-friendly signage screens, to a more fluid and easy to use system. The administrators we've brought online have found the CleverLive software system easy to use following the comprehensive training given by the Clevertouch team. Having accessibility to the Clevertouch development team has also meant that we were able to get a technical request in and, within a few days it was actioned'.

Matthew sums up his experience with Clevertouch: "From start to finish - the team have been really, really helpful. They've taken us through every step, from the training, the installation, the setup and then the development in the future for training more users on the CleverLive system; they’ve always been happy to help. I've always been able to reach out and know that I'll get a decent answer from somebody within a pretty short turnaround."

Clevertouch champions simplicity, by adding value from CleverLive software, and continued after-sales training. Worthy Down continues to drive forward with its on-campus digital communications.

The Clevertouch team provides start-up and ongoing training for all products and software. Matthew comments, "CleverLive just seems more logical to use, and it's a lot easier to get up to speed."

"We wanted to move away from the current digital signage system that was a laborious job of walking to each screen and uploading content from a USB stick, and we never knew if they were offline until we were in front of the screen. Clevertouch's CleverLive system allows us to see the health of the screen online and update content quickly and easily from our desks. We log in every morning and check for issues."

-Worthy Down's Information Manager - Matthew Gosling

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