Streamlining Team Meetings with Clevertouch Technologies

ACE Energy Solutions, based in Katy, TX (U.S.), is an oil gathering and marketing firm that felt it was time to upgrade their connectivity technology in an effort to help boost productivity.


They were specifically looking for an AV solution that could
simplify team networking, streamline meetings, and facilitate active collaboration.

Key Solutions

After surveying ACE Energy’s offices, Data Projections (DPI) – a Clevertouch® partner – created a customizable solution featuring a pair of Clevertouch UX Pro interactive flat panel displays. The flat panels — a 75-inch Pro and an 86-inch Pro — were installed in two conference rooms so that multiple teams could make use of the panels at once.

The state-of-the-art UX Pro allows for smooth and lag-free whiteboarding annotation, which supports a productive and efficient team meeting experience. In addition, the Clevershare app can connect the Clevertouch screen with multiple devices and share content. Meeting presenters can control what is shared, including up to four device screens for increased team collaboration.


The overall response to the Clevertouch UX Pro panels has been resoundingly positive. Before the Clevertouch Pro Series, ACE Energy ran their meetings using traditional whiteboards and a projector. By updating with interactive flat panel displays the differences have been immediately noticeable, according to ACE Energy’s Manager of Technology Services, John Cannon.

“One of the main reasons we love the Clevertouch is the digital whiteboard. Using a digital whiteboard has so many benefits versus a typical whiteboard. No pens, no losing pens, no dust and then there’s multiple pages, multiple pens, an infinite canvas, and you can e-mail (information) to everyone in the room immediately,” said Cannon.

The ultramodern design and user-friendly features of the Clevertouch UX Pro was witnessed at an operations meeting, where multiple offices and departments were involved. Meeting presenters were asked to e-mail their presentation materials to
the Clevertouch in an effort to expedite the meeting, according to Cannon.

“Their agenda was tight. They were able to complete all presentations in a timely manner due to not having to connect various laptops, flash drives, or log in as various users. They were amazed at how smoothly it went,” states Cannon.

For more information, contact Daniel Morris, Technology Lead of Texas, USA.

The results

ACE Energy Solutions have also commented on the Clevertouch UX Pro display’s versatility and usability, as all teams utilize the interactive flat panel display for presentations. Within a month of implementing the Clevertouch displays, staff were acclimated to the technology, making meetings and collaboration more efficient and productive.

“How a crude oil marketing firm boosted team productivity and efficiency with the Clevertouch Pro Series”

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