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Clevertouch introduces STAGE, the instant virtual meeting room

Make meetings more collaborative

Clevertouch introduces STAGE, the instant virtual meeting room

Clevertouch is pleased to announce the launch of Stage, a lightweight quick-to-launch collaboration and meeting tool that gets rid of the pain and frustration of difficult meeting access, now available on the Pro Series|E-CAP panels.

Real time collaboration
​​​​​​​Stage is a real-time collaborative workspace meeting solution that gives any organisation the opportunity to collaborate and annotate on shared documents seamlessly within a live video conferencing environment.

Designed for both on-site and distributed teams, users simply need to open a web browser, enter their pin and start working together.

Co-developed and adapted for Clevertouch with NUITEQ, a specialist in the development of human computer interactive software, the aim of Stage is to help participants start a meeting quickly with minimal fuss.

With Stage, there is no need to download apps or software, saving time and avoiding problems with complex firewalls.   The cloud-based collaboration solution is safe, secure and will fit seamlessly into any organisation.

Built in features to Stage:

  • Real time whiteboarding and collaboration on shared documents
  • Voice and video meeting capabilities
  • Support for most BYOD devices to connect to the meeting
  • No need for an account to join as a guest
  • Screen sharing capabilities 
  • Find your collaboration workspace safely stored in the cloud, at any time

Stage now comes as standard with all our new Clevertouch Enterprise E-CAP touchscreens, providing users with the complete collaborative solution without any additional cost.

Shaun Marklew, sales and marketing director for Clevertouch comments, “The ease of conversation should flow in every meeting. Stage gives you all the benefits of video conferencing with the added ability to work on shared documents in real-time. This new browser-based collaborative meeting solution will give you the full in-room experience regardless of your location and device”.

Dennis Mohi-VP Business Development at NUITEQ says, "We asked ourselves a simple question: Where does a business grow and thrive? In its ability to share information quickly and execute on decisions made in its internal meetings.

Stage lowers the barriers to enter a meeting and raises the playing field to offer a place for groups to come together, share ideas and deliver results."