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Wählen Sie aus unserem umfangreichen Angebot an Montage-, Kollaborations- und Audiolösungen, um jederzeit und überall das perfekte Meeting oder den perfekten Unterricht zu gewährleisten.

No Apps


With AirServer you can mirror content from your personal device to the Clevertouch panel without needing to download an app.

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Discover 4K Ultra High Definition


With great functionality and superior performance, CleverCam is easy and convenient to both install and maintain.

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Realistic Writing Technology

New: CleverInk

Write, erase, scroll, and comment seamlessly without switching modes. Boost productivity, creativity, and collaboration.

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Quick sign-in with your NFC / RFID Fob

Sensor Module

With this smart tool you can keep track of air quality, light, temperature and humidity.

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Our best features for any screen


A wireless presentation system with
in-built digital signage capabilities and touchscreen functionality. 

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Plug & Play wireless screen sharing

New: CleverCast

Simply pair your CleverCast with your Clevertouch meeting room display to mirror your content with the touch of a button. 

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Powered by Intel

PC Modules

Turn your Clevertouch into a big-screen
all-in-one touch PC.

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Google EDLA Certified

New: Lux Mini

Unlock the power of the latest
Clevertouch panel

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Lösungen für jeden Raum

Rollwägen und Halterungen

Lösungen für jeden Raum

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