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Digital Signage making Return to Work easy

Digital Signage making Return to Work easy

In many countries the first stages of 'Return to Work' plans following the Covid-19 furlough period are being implemented. For business owners, management teams, school heads, and governments, making the workplace safer and taking future-proofing actions to reduce the risks moving forward is paramount.

There are fundamentals such as:

  • Preparing the physical premises with a HAZMAT inspection and an intensive clean;
  • Implementing social distancing strategies with one way walk thoroughfares;
  • Supplying safety equipment including masks and gloves; and
  • Installing additional cleaning and hygiene facilities near stairs, door handles, and the like.

Other considerations are:

  • Thermal screening of staff on entry to the building 
  • Partitioned/ screened desks facing one way or building open plan spaces into smaller departmental rooms;
  • Staggering hours and breaks for staff; and
  • Creating closed lunch rooms and limiting the number of staff per break.

However, one of the most important aspects of the return to work process has to be understanding the needs and concerns of employees as they leave the safe sanctuary of home and make their way back into the worksite.

This is where communication is key.  Building employee’s confidence and providing a simple yet very efficient means of addressing the issues around what will be a new, even alien, workspace

Enter digital signage with its ability to be deployed across any space whether it be within the workplace reception/staff rooms/meeting rooms/walkways or more open spaces such as public transport, outdoor screens, retail stores, and schools.

Digital signage enables organizations to communicate quickly and easily, keeping staff informed, broadcasting new safety initiatives, highlighting staff safety measures, and ensuring relative news updates are displayed.

Most digital signage solutions offer users the ability to remotely update content using an internet-connected platform on a PC.  CleverLive CLOUD, by manufacturer Clevertouch Digital Signage, goes a step further.  This solution enables users to use their own personal mobile device.  Whether editing content, scheduling new notices or sending a range of pre-configured triggers, users can send messages and update colleagues with their own device so as to minimise contact with others.

Sedao distributor Sahara Presentations Group has released special bundle offers to assist organisations to deploy cost-effective digital signage solutions, and help ease the burden of communicating during the unknown that is Return to Work.

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Building employee’s confidence and providing a simple yet very efficient means of addressing the issues around what will be a new, even alien, workspace."