Mirror content without the need of an app


With AirServer you can mirror content from your personal device to the Clevertouch panel without needing to download an app.

Key Feature


Used by macOS, iOS and iPadOS devices.

AirServer has support for AirPlay mirroring, media as well as audio-only streams.

Bluetooth discovery.

Support for PIN, password, and on-screen prompt for incoming connections.


Key Feature

Google Cast

Used by Android and Chrome OS devices and is included in Chrome and Edge browsers.

AirServer has support for both Google Cast mirroring and media (casting from apps).

Casting from apps is also available from iOS and iPadOS. DRM protected content is supported if the host device has DRM support.

Google Cast has no PIN support, but AirServer has a prompt option to accept connections.


Key Feature


Used by Windows 10 devices as well as some Android devices (Samsung, LG, Huawei
and more).

AirServer has support for UIBC (touchback) and hardware cursor that transmits the mouse cursor separately to reduce perceived latency.

Support for PIN code and on-screen prompt for incoming connections.