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5 Awesome Tech Tips to Save Time in Schools!

Time is of the essence in schools, where educators and staff are constantly juggling various responsibilities. Want to make the most of your time and boost productivity?

Well, we've got you covered with these five super cool tech tips. From digital signage to interactive classrooms and beyond, get ready to save time and rock your school day! Let's dive in!

Digital Signage: The Ultimate Communication Hack!

Forget those old bulletin boards and sticky notes! With digital signage, you can instantly share important updates and announcements with everyone. No more wasting time printing and posting paper notices. Just use eye-catching digital displays to communicate. Plus, you can update the content with a few clicks, keeping everyone in the loop and saving precious time. Our CleverLive digital signage platform can be used on any screen in your school. Take a look at

Interactive Classrooms: Learning Made Fun and Quick! 

Turn your classrooms into interactive hubs with cool tools like interactive displays. Engage your students, spark their creativity, and save time while you're at it! With touch screens and collaborative features, you can streamline lessons, group work, and presentations. Learning becomes a blast, and you'll have more time to focus on what matters most – your students! Get in touch for a demo of our IMPACT interactive screens, designed by teachers, for teachers!

File Sharing: Say Goodbye to the Paper Trail! 

Why bother with stacks of papers when you can share files digitally? Use cloud-based platforms like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to store and collaborate on files. No more photocopies or lost assignments! Teachers, students, and even parents can access documents from anywhere, anytime. Say hello to a paperless world and wave goodbye to time-consuming administrative tasks. It's quick, convenient, and saves trees!

Mobile Device Management (MDM): Unlock Efficiency in a Snap! 

Managing devices in schools can be a hassle, but not with MDM! Mobile Device Management allows you to remotely control and configure devices, saving valuable time. Install apps, update software, and ensure device security from a central dashboard. With CleverMDM, you can streamline device management across the entire school or campus, making life easier for teachers and IT administrators alike. Take a look at our latest video.

NFC User Profiles: Instant Access, Less Hassle! 

Imagine students and staff accessing their personalised profiles with just a tap! NFC (Near Field Communication) technology allows for quick identification and access control. By utilising NFC-enabled cards or devices, users can seamlessly log in to computers, access classrooms, and use school resources. No more typing usernames and passwords or searching for IDs – it's instant, convenient, and a time-saver for everyone. Our new IMPACT Lux display includes a Virtual Backpack, where you can access your profile with just a tap!

With these awesome tech tips, schools can save time and supercharge their productivity. From digital signage to interactive classrooms, file sharing, MDM, and NFC user profiles – embrace technology to streamline tasks, boost efficiency, and have more time for what truly matters – shaping young minds! Time saved, success achieved!



Learning becomes a blast, and you'll have more time to focus on what matters most – your students!