PC software Snowflake from NUITEQ

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Encourage and engage your students with Snowflake Software. The touchscreen software allows teachers and students to interactively tell stories related to the curriculum. The lesson becomes more entertaining, interesting and memorable. Exciting interactive 
classroom experiences enhance the performance of students and teachers.

In addition to the more than 25 default preset content applications, busy teachers can use the Lesson app to easily and quickly create curriculum-specific touchscreen lessons with custom content.

All gaming and activity applications are designed to enhance both communication and social skills. When children share ideas and collaborate, the software helps build their self-confidence and knowledge about various topics such as spelling, grammar, math, geography, biology, and others.


  • Improving school results (for students, teachers and the school)
  • Teachers can communicate better with students
  • Ease of use (adding content quickly and easily)
  • Suitable for many different subjects
  • Suitable for different age groups, covers the entire spectrum of primary education.
  • Content can be conveyed in a new way
  • Effective pedagogy

Key Features

  • Integrated learning: across different subjects, thanks to different areas
  • Automatic saving of lessons
  • Create custom lessons with dynamic content (pictures, videos, sounds, text)
  • Snowflake Remote Support (iOS and Android)
  • Support for text translations into other languages
  • Email, Skype and forum support
  • Windows 10 support