A Primary School Shares Their Success Story Using the Clevertouch Solution

Monte Vista Primary School in Cape Town, Johannesburg (South Africa), shares the positive experience of incorporating the state-of-the-art Clevertouch solution in their classrooms



Zaskia Kuun, Deputy Principal of Monte Vista Primary School stated:

The SGB initially wanted to implement the buying of the (Clevertouch interactive touchscreen displays) over a 3-year phased-in approach. However, when the first graders received their (displays) and the response was so positive, they decided to make it a capital project and invest in all 29 boards in one financial year.

Key Solutions

We purchased the Clevertouch interactive touchscreen displays in 2018 and since then they have been embraced by all our educators. Our learners are very visual and grow up knowing how to use screens (tablets, phones) and technology. This is a familiar medium for them and engages them in lessons.

The end goal for every educational institution should always be to maintain high academic standards and to prepare learners for the ‘real’ world. When they leave the school, they should be able to face challenges with a framework of familiar knowledge. Our learners are being exposed to technology from grade 1 and feel comfortable in using this medium on a daily basis. We do not want to bring tablets into the classroom as we feel that the Clevertouch displays provide a good balance between being exposed to technology and still learning valuable skills like writing, planning, spatial awareness, and creativity.

Kunn shared: "The fact that all the software and training is free, there are no projector globes that needed to be replaced or additional teacher laptops to be procured, it meant that the SGB would not need to find additional funding. The Clevertouch touchscreen is an all-in-one teaching device that is simple to use."


To navigate the challenges of COVID-19, educators have the option of exporting and importing information and lessons directly from the Clevertouch displays onto Google drive. This has also allowed educators to communicate with each other while in their classes without leaving the classroom. The shortened school day without breaks mean that educators are in their classrooms for up to six hours a day without being able to communicate with their colleagues. Lessons can also be shared among the educators with ease using the displays.

What are a few benefits of using the Clevertouch touchscreen display?

  • Super Glide Touch technology for a fluid writing experience and can differentiate between palm-erase, fingertouch, and stylus-writing

  • Infinity Whiteboarding so educators and learners never run out of space; includes numeracy tools, handwriting-totext recognition, and the ability to insert images and shapes.

  • Cleverstore which gives educators access to hundreds of free teaching apps to make lessons engaging

Using the Clevertouch displays have only resulted in positive experiences. One learner called it a ‘tablet on steroids.’ 

“The support and after-sales service that we have had has been phenomenal.”

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We appreciate the tireless and ongoing efforts of Interactive AV Solution, a Clevertouch partner, for supporting Monte Vista Primary School with the Clevertouch Technologies Solution.