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Clevertouch Live

Clevertouch Live digital signage is a web-controlled platform designed with innovative CLOUD technology that allows users to manage their digital communications from any device connected to the Internet.

With the ability to display digital images, posters, videos, social media, live TV, continuous text, and more, Clevertouch Live digital signage is ideal for all industry sectors.

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Clevertouch Live

Dynamic and integrated

The award-winning digital signage content management platform has an intuitive interface that offers dynamic features that allow users to quickly and easily display their choice of digital content to their audience in public or private commercial spaces.

With no subscription fees, Clevertouch Live digital signage is a cost-effective solution that integrates with affordable digital signage hardware products.

Main Features

Clevertouch Live

Content management platform in the CLOUD controlled by web

Quick and easy functionality - display content in as little as ten minutes after installation

200+ template designs - customize, modify and redesign 200+ templates

Drag and drop ability - use your mouse to navigate and send content to screens

Emergency messaging

Virtual and physical activation

QR code creation and activation

Content scheduling

Screen grouping

Flash animations
Live TV
Animated text
News feeds
Touch compatible
Photographs and slides

Solución ampliable

Se puede utilizar una amplia variedad de productos de hardware para mostrar presentaciones digitales o integrarlas con el ecosistema digital Clevertouch. Estos productos ofrecen una solución ampliable que se puede mejorar con el tiempo para proporcionar comunicaciones digitales en toda la organización. La gama productos Clevertouch incluye reproductores multimedia de señalización digital, pantallas de visualización profesionales de gran formato (LFD), paneles de reserva de salas y paneles colaborativos.