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Clevertouch employs teachers to advise schools on new tech

Meet Ian - a Teacher turned product ambassador

Meet Ian Parkin; a teacher-turned-product-ambassador for Clevertouch displays, working exclusively with educators interested in bringing AV solutions into the classroom.


After a successful teaching career spanning 15-years across a number of senior level positions, including head of design & technology and assistant head teacher, Ian made the leap over to the commercial world to become one of Clevertouch’s product specialists.

“Lots of schools in the UK face the challenge of replacing their old whiteboards with new technology – it’s a tough job for busy teachers,” explains Ian. “There is so much new information to digest, so many decisions to make, that it can be intimidating for even the most technologically adept teachers.”

The beneficial impact on the lives of students and teachers is clear; interactive displays can have a dramatic effect on pupil engagement and enhance learning environments. But it is a major investment for most schools – so it’s unsurprising that headteachers are taking their purchasing and procurement decisions so seriously.

“Schools are often unaware of the resources and functionality embedded into a Clevertouch.” says Ian. “I can arrange product demonstration and week-long loans of equipment, so that teachers and students can become acquainted with the products for themselves.” He continues, “And all-the-while knowing I’m on hand to help whenever they need it.”

This service is free. Ian is not a sales person, he’s purely there to help and advise schools on the best solutions for their classroom. If the school decide to go ahead with Clevertouch, Ian will be on-hand to support them through the installation, training, and any hurdles that they might face along the way.

“I offer schools the service I wished suppliers had provided me when I was a teacher! A way to ease the pain of sourcing and assessing new technology, whilst simplifying the entire process. This often comes as a huge relief to the schools and teachers. I can help give them the knowledge and confidence they need to make the right decision for their school – transforming the whole process into something a lot less stressful.”

Lots of schools in the UK face the challenge of replacing their old whiteboards with new technology – it’s a tough job for busy teachers.