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What is EDLA Google Certification?

Being Google certified means that the display offers seamless integration with the Google ecosystem, including Google Workspace (formerly G Suite for Education) and the entire Microsoft 365 suite. Teachers can easily access their Google accounts, files, and collaborative tools directly from the IMPACT Lux display.

All your favourite Google Apps


With the full Google EDLA (Education License) experience, teachers can leverage the power of Google Drive to store and share files, Google Docs for collaborative document editing, Google Sheets for spreadsheets, Google Slides for presentations, and other Google apps. This integration enables teachers to seamlessly incorporate digital resources and tools into their lessons, making it easier to access, edit, and share files and collaborate with students.

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Access Microsoft 365 in an instant

EDLA offers access to the full Microsoft 365 suite via the Google PlayStore. This includes popular applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Teams, and other Microsoft productivity tools. Teachers and students can create, edit, and present documents, slideshows, and spreadsheets directly from the display, enhancing productivity and collaboration within the classroom.

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The latest updates and features

Google’s EDLA certification ensures compatibility with the latest Google updates and features. Teachers can take advantage of the ever-evolving Google educational tools and innovations to enhance their teaching methodologies and engage students more effectively.

Advanced Security with EDLA

Protecting users' sensitive and personal information is a priority. EDL ensures advanced protection against potential vulnerabilities and unauthorized access.

Protect from unauthorised access

Protect from data loss

Protect against cyber attacks


Password Protection

Two-step Authentication


Data Encryption


Remote Wipe


Remote lock

The all-in-one solution

By having access to their Google accounts and files directly from the display, teachers can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent switching between different devices or platforms. They can conveniently open, edit, and present their files on the large interactive screen, eliminating the need for additional devices.

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Enhance productivity and collaboration in the classroom

EDLA significantly simplifies the workflow for teachers, enabling them to seamlessly access and utilise their Google or Microsoft files and tools, ultimately enhancing productivity and collaboration in the classroom.

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The first ever interactive classroom display to be Google Certified.

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