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Returning to college and universities in the new-normal

Nick Barker, Product Specialist for HE/FE, shares his thoughts on how technology can aid the return to learning.

With the lockdown restrictions being lifted and many colleges and universities planning a safe return to campus for both students and staff, there are many questions being asked around the

“new normal” for the college and university experience and how to deploy a blended learning approach for a mixture of on site and remote teaching and learning.

I have been having many conversations with establishments looking for advice on a number of aspects to their technology in teaching spaces. I’m pleased to say that Clevertouch has the technology to aid a blended learning approach, and here’s why:

DisplayNote Launcher and Zoom Rooms bundles:-

DisplayNote Launcher provides an easy to use interface for multi-platform VC. Zoom, Teams, WebEx and Skype are all easily set up for instant connection to calls/meetings. With the added ability to sync with personal devices, a non-touch process is available, relevant in today’s climate.

Clevertouch are now a Zoom Rooms Certified partner, which means you can efficiently and instantly engage in meetings on start up when entering a room.

We have created bundles for an all in one solution including UX Pro, Jabra Panacast Camera and Intel i5 OPS PC. 

For those going back to on-campus teaching, here are my top tips on how to do it safely. 

1) Lecturers and students want assurance that the issue is being considered and in hand:

It is easy to forget safety measures such as social distancing and one-way corridors. People are reassured by visible signs that promote safety and precautionary measures. We have created a range of safety posters that can be delivered to your display at scheduled times, or when the display is not in use. 

2) Lecturers and students want to avoid touch if possible:

"Do I have to touch that too?” is the attitude more vulnerable people are having as they are trying to stay safe and touch less things at this time. Our screens have proximity sensors, turning on when motion is sensed and turning off when there is no motion, meaning there is no need to touch the on and off buttons. You can also mirror your personal device to the interactive display, and control your Clevertouch without needing to touch it. 

3) Lecturers and students want the flexibility to keep themselves as safe as they feel they need to be:

Our society is becoming accustomed to wearing masks and gloves. Our touch screen panels are built so they respond to gloved hands in the same way they would respond to a finger or stylus. 

4) Lecturers and students can feel safer using their own equipment:

“My laptop, tablet or mobile is safe because it’s mine” is a common thought pattern at the moment. Our technology allows users to share content from their device, and control the display using their device, with a free of charge app - Clevershare.

5) Lecturers and students want to be able to stay safely apart without compromising their meeting and video conferencing experience:

A wide angle camera that has 180 degrees coverage will prove to be a life saver at this time, as it enables in-room participants to sit widely apart, but still visible whilst on a video call to others. Our partnership with Jabra offers you this through their Panacast camera.

Contact Nick for more information on how we can help your return to the workplace. 


I’m pleased to say that Clevertouch has the technology to aid a blended learning approach.“