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Return to teaching safely

This week sees schools and colleges reopening and lessons returning to normal. At Clevertouch Technologies, we’ve developed some key strategies to help you and your students stay safe as they return to learning.


Stream assemblies
With most schools leaving individual classes in “bubbles”, there can no longer be whole-school assemblies or year-group gatherings. By using the free CleverMessage app, in conjunction with CM-Series, IMPACT or IMPACT Plus, headteachers can stream their assembly directly into classrooms, with video, images or text based information.

Screen mirroring
With the Clevershare app, your students can display their work without needing to leave their seats or touch the main display. This allows students to safely collaborate whilst still social distancing. 

Remote learning
For those students who are still learning from home, we can supply a 60-day STAGE licence for free, allowing you to share your lessons with the more vulnerable members of your class.

Touch displays
Interactive front-of-class displays, such as IMPACT Plus, include motion sensors that turn the screen on when you enter the room. Due to our infra-red technology, you can safely wear PPE protective gloves and still use the touchscreen effectively. 

Now more than ever, it’s important to keep people moving in an organized manner. With our way finding digital posters, people are reminded to keep to the left and move safely around your school.  

Non-touch displays
Our CM-Series is the perfect non-touch display to display lessons to your class. Ranging from 43” to 86”, there’s a size suitable for all class sizes. Simply connect your laptop and display your lesson or presentation as normal. These displays also have in-built digital signage so you can add QR codes with timetables, maps and instructions for people to download to their own personal devices.

Remote management
IT staff no longer have to go from room to room to deal with troubleshooting or to make updates. Now, the IT department can control all aspects of your IMPACT or IMPACT Plus from their office. 

Digital Signage
Whether it’s in the reception area or around campus, digital signage can be a powerful tool to inform staff, students and visitors of your safety procedures, school activities and general information. With 200+ templates you can edit your own information, or use the posters we have created for you to download for free to display your Clevertouch or Sedao digital signage platforms.

For more information on how the Clevertouch Technologies Digital Ecosystem can help you teach safely, please contact Ash Helm


We’ve developed some key strategies to help you and your students stay safe as they return to learning.“