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Collaboration in real time

STAGE is a collaborative workspace, real-time conferencing solution that allows any organization to seamlessly comment on shared documents in a live video conferencing environment.   

STAGE is designed for local users and for teams spread across multiple locations. Users just need to open a web browser, enter their PIN - and they can work together.

STAGE was developed in collaboration with NUITEQ, a specialist in interactive human-computer software, and adapted for Clevertouch. The goal of STAGE is to help participants start an online conference with minimal effort.

With STAGE, neither apps nor software need to be downloaded. This saves time and avoids problems with complex firewalls. The cloud-based collaboration solution is secure and fits seamlessly into any business.

Integrated functions of STAGE:

  • Real-time whiteboarding and collaboration with shared documents
  • Voice and video meeting functions
  • Support for most BYOD devices to connect to the meeting
  • It is not necessary to create an account as a guest
  • Screen sharing features
  • Find your collaboration workspace securely in the cloud anytime