Enterprise AV Solutions

From the boardroom to the breakout area, the Clevertouch all-in-one Enterprise Ecosystem facilitates business-wide collaboration - empowering business leaders and staff to maximise their potential. From reception and booking systems through to in-meeting interactive displays, our ‘full building communication systems’ can be managed via Clevertouch Live a single login that transforms enterprise communications and workspaces into an integrated, seamless experience.

Interactive Displays

Elevate Meetings with UX Pro Displays

Collaborate seamlessly with UX Pro – an interactive display designed to help your staff share groundbreaking ideas - whether they're in the meeting room, at home, or on the move.

As part of the Enterprise Ecosystem, participants can wirelessly share any content, use any software and share any screen, facilitating effective and productive meetings – the lifeblood of your business. No technical interruptions, issues, or fuss.

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Unified Communications

Connect everything – unify everyone

When you unify your communications – you unify your organisation in thinking big thoughts and inspiring big ideas. The enterprise solution, UX Pro, allows efficient UC via a single platform, allowing you to streamline and enhance business communications, collaboration, and productivity.

Integrate enterprise-level communication services such as instant messaging (chat), presence information, voice (including IP telephony), and mobility features. UX Pro connects with common 3rd party platforms Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Hangouts, and other platforms that your business relies on day-to-day.

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Digital Signage

Inform, Engage and impress

Engage with everyone in your office building instantly and easily with digital signage. We combine enterprise-level digital signage design software and hardware to transform any space into a collaborative space. Transform your current screens into digital signage with a signage player.

All signage (in portrait and landscape) is controlled by ClevertouchLive login to effortlessly keep visitors and staff instantly informed. ClevertouchLive includes a suite of hundreds of templates, allowing advance customisation and branding and to easily show up to date text, video, news, and images.

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Guiding your staff and clients to success

Our wayfinding solutions and digital signage helps your staff and clients to intuitively navigate their surroundings. Particularly effective in large corporate environments such as large office blocks and skyscrapers, our wayfinding solutions inspire confidence amongst visitors, creating a relaxed and positive state of mind to successfully collaborate, innovate and achieve.

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Room Booking

Book efficiently, meet productively

‘The meeting’ is the lifeblood of a thriving enterprise and improving the efficiency in which they are booked will only aid collaboration, productivity and positive action. Our centrally managed, connected room booking systems enable fast and efficient meeting booking direct from your calendar or live at source, turning your teams into teams that work.

Through your ClevertouchLive login, our centralised corporate meeting room booking system integrates with office 365 and MS Exchange, syncing diaries and eliminating double bookings - saving you hundreds of ‘wasted minutes’ due to technology failure.

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Stay connected with purpose built software

Gain access to the Clevertouch Digital Ecosystem and bring your people together with purpose built software. ClevertouchLive allows administrators to connect and control all of their devices from anywhere. CleverShare allows your staff to connect up to 50 devices to a Clevertouch screen and share content – images, video, and audio. CleverMessage transforms all connected devices into digital signage allowing synchronisation of a single message across all connected devices, for instant mass communication.

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