Digital Signage

Clevertouch's solution is comprised of a range of hardware and software products designed to create a digital signage package tailored to suit your specific project requirement.

From a high impact video wall to a single reception screen. From a free standing retail display to a simple counter top picture frame, Clevertouch has the ideal solution for effective digital signage.

Whatever your sector, the Clevertouch range offers a solution for complete organisation wide broadcasting communications integrating digital signage media players, large format display screens, room booking panels and collaborative whiteboards.

Pico MK5

The next generation of digital signage players

The PICO MK5 is a fully functional feature rich media player designed to support everyday digital signage requirements so users can deliver engaging content to communicate with your targeted audience. 
Connecting to the SedaoLive CLOUD CMS platform, the PICO MK5 comes with access to 200+ editable templates so users can play out multi-zoned presentations featuring web pages, videos, posters, text, RSS feeds and more, plus enabling features such as instant messaging, virtual button triggering and QR codes.


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Powerful, versatile and robust Enterprise level digital signage media player

The PRO-V4 is a powerful enterprise level digital signage player ideal for organisations wanting to engage with their audience 24/7 or deploy dedicated timing of displays using the schedule start up and shut down feature.


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ClevertouchLive Cloud

Easy Digital Signage platform for all industry sectors

ClevertouchLive CLOUD digital signage enables users to manage message content from an online cloud account using any internet connected device.

Users have the flexibility to control all digital signage displays from a single account using with a simple, drag and drop interface.

With over 100+ templates, users can add brand logos and images, make changes such as moving, resizing and deleting multimedia zones, and edit content to create personalised digital signage presentations.


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Local CMS

Manage your entire digital signage communications from your own secure network with ClevertouchLive Local CMS

Specifically developed for environments where organisational technical security guidelines restrict deployment of a CLOUD software solution.

Comprised of a server that connects to your network and the media players, ClevertouchLive Local CMS is an on-premise digital signage solution for dedicated sites.


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Large Format Displays

Clevertouch Unveils LFDs – Eye-catching, high Impact screens

New Sleek, slim, stylish 4K professional displays with maximum visual impact for your signage experience from Clevertouch.

Clevertouch’s new range of professional large format displays are the complete all in one screen with the only five year de-install / re-install warranty on the market.

Designed to display maximum visual impact for your signage experience from Clevertouch. Featuring 4K capability this range offers the only five year deinstall/reinstall warranty on the market.


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Live Rooms

Versatile enterprise room booking system

Live Rooms is a room booking solution that adds value to your organisation from start to finish.

Improve meeting room booking efficiency with a centrally managed room booking solution that enables you to book from your desktop PC calendar or live at the source.

Enhance your room booking solution and integrate it into your digital signage network to display instant messages, broadcast promotions and communicate with staff.

Room booking has never been so easy or so versatile.


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The most versatile digital signage design and playout software on the market.

Available for both Cloud and Local CMS solutions, ImageFlyer enables you to create multi-media digital presentations using a simple drag and drop interface.

Powerful and feature rich, yet easy to use, ImageFlyer gives you complete control of your digital presentations from any Windows desktop.

From movies, animated images and web pages to PowerPoint slides, news feeds and PDFs. All can be displayed on a single digital signage display.


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