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What does the hybrid classroom of the future look like?

Does your school effectively communicate with students, staff, and visitors alike? With a range of innovative technology solutions for the whole school, Clevertouch Technologies is leading the way in helping education establishments move to a hybrid solution.

Increase productivity

Collaborate across devices and locations as if you were all in the same room. Enhance productivity and engagement with an interactive display.

Interactive displays for student collaboration

No Distractions

Fewer distractions means students are more productive and engaged with their learning. CleverCam uses a face-detection algorithm to automatically centre the camera frame to the person talking, whilst still ensuring that other students and teachers presenting are in view.

Ultra HD 4k Resolution camera, Clevercam

Better learning experience

Good quality sound is key to avoiding misunderstandings, misinformation, and miscommunication. IMPACT Plus features 45W max power for room-filling sound for a clearer, more precise learning experience with a built-in line array, noise cancelling microphone.

Room-filling audio from IMPACT Plus

Integrates seamlessly

A truly unified communications platform that is free from frustrations of incompatibility. Clevertouch products allow users to connect and collaborate no matter what device they are using and no matter where they are based.

Flexible cloud solutions

The pandemic has forced schools to adapt quickly and embrace new technologies.

A hybrid education model is increasingly becoming the future of learning, with a vast number of schools developing curriculums for distance learning. The new learning environments have struggled, but schools overcome them with flexible technology solutions where teaching is done in real-time, no matter the student's location. 

At Clevertouch Technologies, we are meeting the demand for high-powered education technology that supports distance learning, allowing teachers to work from anywhere and students to learn at home or in the classroom.

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