Healthcare AV Solutions

Our healthcare AV solutions ensure your site runs smoothly, communications are faultless, and that visitors feel confident and secure in attending a progressive facility that is focused on high-quality care. When time is limited, harnessing the best in digital technology allows for effective patient engagement, without requiring manual interventions. Our AV solutions help to deliver outstanding levels of efficiency, minimised waiting times, positive visitor feedback, and smooth footfall management.

Digital Signage

Streamlined Visitor Management

In a busy and demanding healthcare environment, reliable and streamlined communication is vital. Clevertouch digital signage solutions allow you to communicate easily and effectively across surgery waiting rooms, clinics, and hospitals. Designed to make managing and displaying your information simple, our solutions are suitable for use with a single screen or multiple large format displays.

Our digital signage solutions provide clear directions, effectively signposting visitors and hospital staff via kiosks and large format displays, ensuring that visitors are confident about navigating complex facilities with ease.

Using our unique software features, visitors and patients can use their own devices to interact with the screen to take away maps and other information.

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Consistent Patient Communications

Digital Patient Communications

Providing patients with up to date information is essential for health service providers. Our digital signage enhances the patient experience, displaying information and waiting times with live updates to ensure their visit is well managed, and they feel in control of their experience.

Our large-format display CM series, creates visually engaging communications with in-built digital signage played out on a high-quality screen to clearly deliver media and notices with branding specific to your healthcare facility.

Clevertouch also supplies media player options such as the Pro-V4, a powerful digital signage player that displays key messaging day and night, and the Pico MK5 which is an excellent choice for smaller medical facilities wishing to maximise the value of their space.

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Efficient Staff Communications

Professional Workforce Liaison

We know that time is often of the essence in a healthcare setting and so being able to liaise and communicate quickly and remotely is vital. We provide Interior signage in staff areas and break rooms to manage the most complex of rotas, and ensure the workforce is always up to date with changes to schedules or protocols.

Where practices or policies change, these can be immediately shared with all connected colleagues through their personal devices, as well as displayed directly on the appropriate digital signage boards.

The UX Pro is ideal for use in training facilities and in consulting environments, with a crystal clear 4K display for high-detail images. New Field Communication (NFC) is a smart, credit card-sized dongle, that allows authorised users to save their Clevertouch configurations and transport them to any device in a building, for the ultimate flexible working environment.

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Room bookings with Live Rooms

Healthcare Facility Management

Clevertouch installs smart, responsive solutions to help the busiest of healthcare facilities run smoothly. Our interactive room booking solution, Live Rooms, integrates with ME/O365 calendars and offers at a glance availability with LED lighting to enable staff to swiftly identify consultant or training rooms they can use as needed.

Digital displays provide the relevant information outside rooms and departments for a smooth visitor experience, with bookings managed and updated through powerful software.

CleverLive adds a layer of firm oversight, enabling managers and administrators to connect and share information remotely, with faultless remote connectivity. Where emergencies arise, critical data must be shared, or essential notices need to be distributed, CleverLive allows you to simultaneously and instantly share information across all devices.

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Dedicated Healthcare Software

Our unique healthcare digital signage, collaborative, and room booking software is designed to merge with your infrastructure seamlessly. CleverMessage is perfectly designed to suit medical environments with high visitor footfall, immediately displaying urgent communications as digital signage over all connected devices. Building evacuations, alarm testing, and critical actions are delivered to all devices, displays, and notices instantly with a one-click emergency message service.

Gain access to the Clevertouch Ecosystem and bring your people together with purpose-built software. CleverLive allows administrators to connect and control all of their devices from anywhere. CleverShare allows your staff to connect up to 50 devices to a Clevertouch screen and share content – images, video, and audio. CleverMessage transforms all connected devices into digital signage allowing synchronisation of a single message across all connected devices, for instant mass communication.

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