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IMPACT Secure - the new interactive display for high-security environments

We understand that every business has its own requirements. Still, we know that security is paramount for all organisations.

At Clevertouch, we're thrilled to provide you with cutting-edge technology solutions that are both secure and customisable. We're delighted to present our brand new powerful interactive display designed by ex-military security experts to create a fully-functioning, robust screen.

With decades of experience, the team behind IMPACT Secure understand the need for a highly secure environment. The screen can seamlessly and securely connect to other devices. Allowing you to establish a Digital Ecosystem that empowers users to communicate and collaborate across your organisation.


Key features

High Precision Technology 

Experience the smoothest writing on a touchscreen with our Super Glide Touch technology. It feels as effortless as writing on a whiteboard without any delays. Our technology can distinguish between palm erasing, finger-touching, and stylus-writing, so you can seamlessly switch between them without interrupting your work.


We take great pride in the level of security offered by IMPACT Secure. Our dedication to ensuring the utmost safety for our clients has led us to install Cyber Essentials as standard to guard your organisation against cyber attacks. In addition to this, we offer a comprehensive warranty for added peace of mind.


You can easily share content directly to the screen by downloading the Clevershare app on your phone, tablet, or PC.


One included. You can cast wirelessly without downloading a driver by simply plugging it into your laptop's USB-C port.


Our team

We are proud to have Ged Robinson lead our MOD team at Clevertouch, as he brings a wealth of experience and expertise. As a former Regimental Sergeant Major with 25 years of military experience, Ged understands the needs and requirements of military establishments. He is an ardent believer in the transformative potential of technology to enhance the way we work and collaborate. 

Ged's experience and passion for technology make him an invaluable team member. He is committed to assisting MOD establishments in adopting interactive and collaborative technologies.


Contact Ged Robinson for more information or to see how we can help.


With decades of experience, the team behind IMPACT Secure understand the need for a highly secure environment.