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Clevertouch pushes collaboration to the EDGE.

Global technology giant Clevertouch has launched the Clevertouch Edge, a breakthrough interactive collaboration panel specifically designed to deliver a unique user experience that makes meetings in the workspace more enjoyable.

“In 2023, we witnessed a distinct shift from the work from home to work from office across the enterprise sector. Our team considered that and has purposely developed an exceptional product that enriches the experience of using a panel in the work environment,” said Clevertouch Chief Technology Officer Shaun Marklew.

Clevertouch Edge combines and integrates a top-mounted Sony 4K camera equipped with advanced voice and face tracking technology with an immersive audio experience delivered through front-mounted 2x 20W speakers and 2x 10W subwoofers and powered by Google EDLA for complete access to all your favourite apps, to offer you an entire UC meeting room in just one purchase. 

The Clevertouch Edge is the first collaborative panel to combine FlatFrog in-glass infrared (IR) technology and edge-to-edge design with Google EDLA certification. FlatFrog IR technology delivers a superior touch experience, enhanced pen detection capabilities and enables pressure-sensitive annotations, while EDLA certification ensures that the Clevertouch panels are compatible with the latest software updates and security protocols for the Google and Microsoft suite of applications.

To streamline simplicity, Clevertouch Edge places the most essential commands at your fingertips. From swiftly launching LYNX Whiteboard to the back and home buttons, these quick digital buttons embedded in the side of the display will redefine user interaction and ensure an intuitive user experience. 

Clevertouch Edge is now available and shipping worldwide. Whether you prefer a remote demonstration, an in-person showcase at your site, or a visit to one of the Clevertouch galleries, Clevertouch is ready to bring the future of interactive meeting room displays to your doorstep.

Contact Clevertouch today to book your demonstration and embark on a journey toward seamless and immersive collaboration. Your upgraded meeting room experience awaits.

Experience the Clevertouch Edge today.

The Clevertouch Edge is the first collaborative panel to combine FlatFrog in-glass infrared (IR) technology and edge-to-edge design with EDLA certification and a built-in 4K camera.