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5 ways we can help in the new-normal meeting room

Naturally as people return to work they will have concerns about keeping safe. Our Enterprise Solutions Specialst, James Temishe, shares 5 ways that Clevertouch Technology can reassure your colleagues.

1) Employees and Clients want assurance that the issue is being considered and in hand:

Easy to set up meetings are golden, but a safe easy to set up meeting space is far more valuable. Setting up meetings can be stressful, knowing that technology in a work and meeting space is playing its part to keep you safe is mind settling. Consumers are reassured by visible signs that prompt safety and precautionary measures. Our meeting space displays have schedulable signage that are easy to build using over 150 templates and can have different “Stay safe” message play all through the day.

2) Employees and Clients want to avoid touch if possible:

"Do I have to touch that too?” is the attitude more vulnerable workers are having as they are trying to stay safe and touch less things at this time. Our meeting room screens have proximity sensors, turning on when motion is sensed and turning off when there is no motion.

3) Employees and Clients want the flexibility to keep themselves as safe as they feel they need to be:

Our society is becoming accustomed to wearing masks and gloves. Our touch screen panels are built so they respond to gloved hands in the same way they would respond to a finger or stylus. More vulnerable workers find such flexibility priceless

4) Employees and Clients can feel safer using their own equipment:

“My work laptop, tablet or mobile is safe because it’s mine” is a common thought pattern at the moment. Our technology allows user share content from their device, and control the display using their device, with a free of charge app - Clevershare.

5) Employees and Clients want to be able to stay safely apart without compromising their meeting and video conferencing experience:

A wide angle camera that has 180 degrees coverage will prove to be a life saver at this time, as it enables in-room meeting participants to sit widely apart, but still visible whilst on a video call to remote workers or clients. Our partnership with Jabra offers you this through their Panacast camera.

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Our meeting room screens have proximity sensors, turning on when motion is sensed and turning off when there is no motion.