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The inclusive power of technology

As the annual pride celebrations begin and the rainbow of inclusivity reflects its light around the world, we are reminded of the inclusive power of technology and how it enables us to celebrate together while keeping safely apart.

Streets around the world this June will not be filled with the joyous spectacle of millions dancing to pumping rhythms and proudly showing off their true, vibrant colours. While there will be no parades passing iconic landmarks, the sounds of inclusivity will never by muted and the rainbow will never fade to darkness. When physical inclusivity becomes impossible, virtual inclusivity becomes essential.

Technology is the tool that brings us together when we have never been further apart. It enables the voice of inclusivity to be heard by everyone, as it is a voice that’s too important to be silenced. It is the voice that speaks to a questioning soul. It is the voice that challenges a narrow mind. It is the voice to be celebrated in living rooms and gardens around the world, with friends and family no matter how near or how far. It is the voice that reaches out to welcome those from unfamiliar cultures and lifestyles, so we can share together the wonder of discovery and the joys of new friendships.

Inclusivity is at the heart of Clevertouch. Its why it was invented over 10 years ago. To bring people together, empowering every voice to share the big thoughts that shape the big futures. To help teachers nurture young minds and embolden the reticent to raise their arm. To help business leaders turn their teams into teams that work together, meeting the big challenges and inspiring the big ideas. Inclusivity is at the heart of Clevertouch. To bring people together, learning as one and working as one.

Inclusivity celebrates those that changed the world by coming together and marching as one across a bridge in Alabama and by coming together and standing as one with backs to a stone wall in New York. Inclusivity celebrates he that unwrapped the mystery of the universe without the help of his own body and she that bound herself to the railings of Parliament to break free from the chains of inequality.

In the month of the rainbow, we celebrate they. We celebrate them. We celebrate inclusivity. And we do it with pride.

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Inclusivity is at the heart of Clevertouch. To bring people together, learning as one and working as one.“