Fai scorrere le idee


Lavagna istantanea con strumenti integrati per un facile utilizzo 

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Superficie infinita

Non finirai mai lo spazio sulla lavagna: basta pizzicare sugli oggetti per ridurne le dimensioni e spostarli sullo schermo, dandoti una nuova sezione di lavagna su cui lavorare.

Doppia penna

You can assign pens to different users so that two people can use the whiteboard simultaneously. Or assign the end of your pen to eraser mode, so you can write and erase using the same pen, like a traditional pencil. 

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Save your notes

Save to your Cloud account, save to the screen, or save via QR scan. We've got lots of options allowing you to access and work on your notes again at a later date. 

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Handwriting recognition

Handwriting and math formula recognition is built-in to the app, so you can easily convert quickly written notes into typed text. 

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Get creative

We've got lots of backgrounds to choose from. Lines for handwriting, maths squares, or musical score. You can even plan for a football match with sports grids. 

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