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11 Ways to use Digital Signage to Engage with Employees

Research indicates that internal communication is critical to staff motivation and performance.  In fact, internal emails have a high open rate, averaging 68%.  However, not all employees have access to emails making digital signage a more inclusive way to keep employees informed. 

Digital signage is a cost effective and swift way to engage with employees in many ways.  Here are eleven ideas of content to keep employees interested using digital signage.

1. Welcome Messages 

Make the start of each day a welcoming one for employees with a positive friendly greeting on arrival.  With digital signage, this message can be updated quickly and easily to create a different welcome every day. 


2. Mission Statement and Values 

Empower employees to be part of the company culture and promote what your organisation stands for, its goals, structure, value and focus.  Viewing this information digitally on a daily can boost morale and improve employee motivation.  


3. Company Performance  

Keep employees informed and stimulated with information on the company’s performance; such as sales KPI’s, share prices and acquisitions. 


4. Employee Messages 

Ensure employees are up to date with internal company news.   Information such as career opportunities, new team members, motivational quotes, office changes, employee benefits programs or even canteen menus are much more captivating when in digital format.   


5. Congratulatory Messages 

Employees appreciate recognition, whether it is an award, promotion, birthday, anniversary, or other type of celebration. Digital signage enables that information to be viewed widely across the business. 


6. Events 

Display upcoming event information such as team bonding activities, holiday celebrations and other special events on digital signage to ensure no employee is overlooked in receiving the information and being able to participate. 


7. Social Media 

Include social media activity of corporate events, tradeshow attendances and award presentations keeps employees not involved in these activities included in the celebrations and encourages inclusion of all staff. 


8. Industry News 

Digital signage is ideal to display industry news with awards, new products and competitor information that enables employees to keep up to date with developments in the industry. 


9. World News 

Live stream YouTube news channels or RSS Feeds easily with digital signage so employees are aware of what is happening outside of the workspace throughout the day. 


10. Process and Procedures 

Use digital signage to inform employees of processes and procedures such as emergency evacuation procedures, incident reporting or even just keeping them up to date with clock on, lunch time and clock off times. 


11. Emergency Alerts 

Overcome language or physical barriers by sending emergency alerts on digital signage alongside alarms to ensure all employees are notified or any emergency.  


Make the most of this technology to engage with your employees and look for a digital signage solution that is user friendly, integrates with multiple devices, and is cost effective with no ongoing subscription fees. 

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Digital signage is a cost effective and swift way to engage with employees in many ways