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10 reasons why you need Clevertouch in your classroom

1. As simple as using your phone or tablet.

No one wants to press ten buttons to open an app or connect their laptop to the screen. We’ve created the LUX user interface, where all the features that you use on a day to day basis are accessible from the home screen, using just one-touch. It’s as simple as using your phone or tablet. Just swipe, touch, and load.

2. Switch between Android and Windows in an instant.

Love apps? Then you’ll love using Clevertouch in Android mode – it’s packed full of apps that help you teach, and is powered by the super-fast Android Lollipop.

Prefer the familiar layout of a PC? No problem, just swipe up and you can switch to PC mode, opening your Windows 10 PC. Because there are two module slots, you never have to worry about pugging in cables or configuring other devices.

3. Screen mirror with any device.

Share everyone’s work, no matter what device they use:- Chromebook, an iPad, an Android tablet, your Smartphone, a PC, or a Mac. And it doesn’t just mirror the screen, you can also cast video and audio.

4. Take control of your Clevertouch from anywhere in the room.

You can use your tablet or iPad to control your Clevertouch when you are walking around the room or sitting at your desk. Just download the relevant app and connect in seconds. The Clevertouch screen will appear on your tablet’s screen and anything you press will be actioned on the Clevertouch. Laptop users can do the same by plugging a Clevershare wireless transmitter into their USB port.

5. Share your lessons with other teachers.

With the award winning Snowflake MultiTeach you can upload your lessons directly to the online community. Share ideas with hundreds of teachers from all over the world, and download lessons and activities that they have created for free.

6. Never worry about the tech failing.

With toughened glass and a negligible breakdown rate Clevertouch is pretty much indestructible. If you do have a fault, it’s no problem, as every Clevertouch is covered by a five year warranty* – our engineers come to you, and if we can’t fix the problem then and there, we’ll leave you with a temporary screen until your one is fixed or replaced.

 7. Create lessons anywhere.

Want to put together your lesson resources when you are at home or in the teachers’ lounge? Don’t worry about not having access to your Clevertouch, as with Snowflake and Lynx you can create activities on your laptop and save them to a USB. When you are back in the classroom simply insert the USB stick into your Clevertouch and load the lesson.

8. IT Managers have centralised control.

In a large school it can be time consuming for an IT Manager to update every screen individually. From June Clevertouch will have an MDM system – that’s Mobile Device Management – meaning that every update can be done from the IT Manager’s office, and teachers are always using the most up to date versions of apps and software.

9. Compatible with your old Smart Notebook files.

Don’t panic if you have dozens of carefully crafted Smart, CFF or IWB files. Our Lynx software will automatically convert them, and you’ll lose none of the features. And unlike Smart Notebook and software from other suppliers, you will never have to pay an annual licence to use the Clevertouch software – it’s free for life, and the updates are free too.

10. Every app is handpicked by our education experts.

Where other touchscreen manufacturers might give you access to an open app store with tens of thousands of inappropriate apps, we’ve chosen a selection of just over 100 apps to populate the Cleverstore. Our apps are all free to download, and they are full versions, with no in-app purchases, and no adverts. Our education experts are familiar with the UK national curriculum, and the US common core state standards, and have used those guidelines to choose which apps make it into the Cleverstore. There’s also language filtering, so if you are teaching in French, Spanish, Chinese, or one of over 30 other languages, you can easily find the apps for you.

* Warranty conditions differ depending on country of use.

Taking control of your Clevertouch from anywhere in the room and sharing your lessons with other teachers are just 2 reasons why teachers need Clevertouch!"