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10 reasons why your company needs Clevertouch

Improve productivity and efficiency

A Clevertouch interactive screen can dramatically improve meetings, huddles and presentations. Here's how.

1. As simple as using your phone or tablet

No one wants to press ten buttons to open an app or connect their laptop to the screen. We’ve created the LUX user interface, where all the features that you use on a day to day basis are accessible from the home screen, using just one-touch. It’s as simple as using your phone or tablet. Just swipe, touch, and load.

2. Switch between Android and Windows in an instant

Love apps? Then you’ll love using Clevertouch in Android mode – it’s packed full of apps, and is powered by a super-fast bespoke Android system. Prefer the familiar layout of a PC? No problem, just swipe up and you can switch to PC mode, opening your Windows 10 PC. Because there are two module slots, you never have to worry about pugging in cables or configuring other devices.

3. Screen mirror with any device

Share everyone’s screen, no matter what device they use:- Chromebook, an iPad, an Android tablet, your Smartphone, a PC, or a Mac. And it doesn’t just mirror the screen, you can also cast video and audio.

4. Take control of your Clevertouch from anywhere in the room

You can use your tablet or iPad to control your Clevertouch when you are walking around the room or sitting at the conference table. Just download the relevant app (for free) and connect in seconds. The Clevertouch screen will appear on your tablet’s screen and anything you press will be actioned on the Clevertouch. Laptop users can do the same by plugging a Clevershare wireless transmitter into their USB port.

5. Visitors can simply plug in and present

It can be very frustrating when everyone is ready for a meeting and there’s a technical problem, or a visitor has their presentation on an incompatible laptop. With Clevertouch’s dual touch USB ports the meeting room’s PC can stay plugged in, and the visitor’s laptop can be plugged into a second USB port. Switching between the two inputs takes seconds, and both inputs have touch interactivity.

6. Never worry about the tech failing

With toughened glass and a negligible breakdown rate, Clevertouch is pretty much indestructible. If you do have a fault, it’s no problem, as every Clevertouch is covered by a five year warranty – our engineers come to you, and if we can’t fix the problem then and there, we’ll leave you with a temporary screen until your one is fixed or replaced. Warranty conditions differ depending on country of use. Users outside of the UK should refer to the local Clevertouch representative for warranty details. 

7. Apps for everything

The Pro Series features a plethora of apps to make everyday tasks easy. Access email, open and edit Office documents, play and annotate over image and video files, and more with the Clevertouch suite of business apps.

8. The IT guys have centralised control

In a large office, it can be time consuming for an IT Coordinator to update every screen individually. Clevertouch has an MDM system – that’s Mobile Device Management – meaning that every update can be done from the IT department’s desks, even with companies that have multiple offices, anywhere in the world. 

9. Collaborate with ease

The Montage Lite app allows up to 4 meeting attendees to wirelessly share their computer, tablet and phone screen.  Attendees can choose to make themselves the lead presenter without the need for extra wires or dongles and they can connect and share their iOS, Android or Windows device screen using AirPlay or Miracast protocols. Unlike other screen sharing methods, Montage Lite allows the four screens to be displayed simultaneously. For more than four screens, or for Cloud, video or audio sharing, users can upgrade to the full version of Montage.

10. State of the art tech 

Coming soon is capacitive touch. As proportionally slim as an iPad, the capacitive models have the wow factor.  They are frameless, so more durable when used heavily, and gesture controls such as pinch/zoom are more fluid than ever before. 

10 reasons that show how a Clevertouch interactive screen can dramatically improve meetings, huddles and presentations."