ROI you can see

ROI you can see
on 24 June 2019

Get the most from your meeting rooms by combining a room booking system with your interactive display for the ultimate Enterprise Ecosystem.

SedaoLive Rooms has partnered with Clevertouch to provide flexible, versatile all-in-one enterprise solutions.

Why choose a room booking system?

Recent reports have indicated that in some businesses, key team members can spend almost half of their working day in meetings. Taking up valuable floorspace and resources, it’s vital that companies are utilising their meeting rooms to achieve maximum ROI. A room booking system allows users to instantly update the screen when they leave the room – so if a meeting finishes early, the room will show as being available, enabling another meeting to take place immediately, rather than waiting for the next hour slot that is normally marked on a calendar. 

With the rise of fluid, off the cuff meetings, a room booking system gives users the ability to instantly see what rooms are available, and how long for, thereby decreasing wasted opportunity and increasing ROI of the valuable meeting room resources. 

The Enterprise Ecosystem

In an age of growing demands for collaboration and communication, it’s imperative that devices work together. We’ve developed a room booking management system, in partnership with SedaoLive, that can be used as a traditional at-the-door tablet device or as a front-of-room app. 

With offices increasingly open plan, incorporating huddle areas and collaborative zones, there are often meeting spaces without a wall and door that the traditional boardroom possesses. Clevertouch has adapted the room booking system so that it is now part of the interactive display: book the screen directly for a truly flexible meeting solution. Users can see the day’s meetings booked in a particular meeting room, or a screen booked in a huddle area. It’s a one-touch gesture to book the screen, or to release it. 

In the past, an interactive display would likely be booked in an hour block, but meetings don’t usually last an exact hour. By using SedaoLive Rooms, the display or room is freed up as soon as a meeting is over, making the facilities available for the next user and giving you an increased ROI. 

Bolt on your digital signage players, which can be added to any existing display, and you have a full eco system of information all running from one Sedao Live account, with no additional ongoing charges, able to be booked from across the globe.

Unique to you

The SedaoLive Rooms 10-inch tablet, and the Clevertouch screen, changes colour from red to green when a room becomes available. As well as giving a visual at-a-glance indication of the status of the room, it also makes meeting areas look more professional and up to date. Your SedaoLive Rooms system can be personalised to reflect your company branding – or the branding of a visitor’s company - and share marketing messages. 

Part of the Clevertouch family, the popular CleverMessage app is also powered by SedaoLive, offering hundreds of templates that can be branded with your logo and corporate colours. Both Rooms and CleverMessage are linked through your SedaoLive account, where you can choose your branding and themes. Sync with your office calendar, update details instantly, and make changes remotely through your SedaoLive account. 

Intuitive, instantaneous and interactive - isn’t it time your meeting room solution system worked for you?

ROI you can see