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Security focused solutions for your business

Security focused solutions for your business

Cloud-based, serverless or P2P technology are just some of the many security focused solutions available to allow for a proactive approach to protecting your business. 

Whatever your company’s preferred option, Clevertouch technology takes security seriously. We highlight significant features of Clevertouch’s Enterprise Ecoystem that can help maintain your business’s security.

1. Tablet Mode only option

The Tablet Mode OS is separate to the exchange network, meaning it can sit on the guest Wi-Fi with no access to the main corporate network. Corporate users can join the screen wirelessly and visitors, increasingly used to a ban on memory sticks, can access their cloud account on this separate exchange, without compromising the main network.

2. End Session Feature

This recent addition to the Eco Enterprise is highly security focused and allows corporations to wipe files and other content saved on the hard drive, cached web pages and Cloud log in information, with the touch of a single button.

3. Wipe on Shut Down

As an extra layer of security, the automatic wipe on shutdown ensures the integrity of all corporate information after the meeting has finished. This feature can be used as many times as required, day or night, whilst still maintaining full working order of the Clevertouch technology.

4. Lock Screen Security

The lock screen function of Clevertouch’s interactive boards allows users to create up to five profiles, all with their own unique pin codes. This feature can also work when the screen has a period of no activity, allowing full function for adhoc meetings.

5. NFC Card for Multiple Profiles 

Create up to five profiles for users to login with. Simply tap your NFC card on the bottom of the screen to instantly login to your profiles. 

6. Remote Management

Remote Management permits remote control of the Clevertouch Pro series allowing Over The Air (OTA) control of features, including remotely turning screens on or off, operating the lock down app, removing apps, issuing new apps, and viewing the live screen with password protection. Use the Clevertouch MDM to lock out apps such as “Settings” and create policies to prevent access to certain areas.

7. CleverMessage 

IT administrators can remotely message any screen via MDM or CleverMessage allowing administrators to give advice to the users and resolve potential issues. This feature also turns your Clevertouch screen into a digital signage screen to fully utilise Clevertouch’s capabilities, even when the screen is not required.

8. Clevershare 

Clevertouch’s unique Clevershare feature allows visitors to present to the screen without any network access, thus maintaining corporate security whilst allowing fully functioning meetings and the ability to collaborate and present without limitation.

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Whatever your company’s preferred option, Clevertouch technology takes security seriously.“