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Living Things Part 1 - Vertebrates

KS2 - Science - Living Things Part 1 - Vertebrates

Learning Intention:

To recognise different groups of vertebrates

Top Tips:

  • Use books and the internet to research vertebrate fact.

  • Searching for “animal facts for children” will make your research more successful.

  • Try to find the same information on more than one site – it makes it more likely to be accurate.

Ideas for afterwards:

  • Watch wildlife videos showing how animals behave in the wild. Can you spot the features that help you group them?

  • Create a Power Point of what you learn.

  • Look for diagrams of animals and their skeletons. Look for similarities between the skeletons of birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and mammals. What sort of bones do they ALL have?

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Subject: Science

Recommended age group - 8-11 KS2

Topic: Vertebrates