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Clevertouch to extend Mobile Device Management options

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Clevertouch’s Mobile Device Management comes as standard with Plus Series and Pro Series touchscreens and is now extended to V Series. 

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And, Clevertouch’s Mobile Device Management has been extended from free your first year to free for five years on Plus Series and Pro Series, and free for one year on all new generation V Series.

Anyone already signed up to Mobile Device Management on Plus Series and Pro Series will also qualify for the five year period.

Clevertouch’s remote management systems allows you to log in from anywhere in the world to view your complete network of panels, and is the only solution on the market to remotely shut down your Clevertouch screen. Once set up, the Mobile Device Management user can add all their Clevertouch panels and any additional devices from any platform to make it a complete IT monitoring system giving greater security measures.

A user will be able to find these features on our Clevertouch MDM:

  • Total devices
  • Active devices
  • Active users
  • Connected devices
  • Location of devices
  • App stats
  • Last commands
  • Map for distribution of devices
  • Hardware ID
  • Version of screen
  • IMEI
  • Profile
  • Tags

Clevertouch MDM is the only fully integrated system on the market for Interactive Flat Panel Displays and we’re certain we’re the only manufacturer to offer this solution at no extra cost with every screen."